Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brewers-Rockies Preview: First Series of the Decade

With the 2010 season rearing and ready to go, we finally begin to get the questions answered such as can the Brewers return to the playoffs, can their pitching staff actually get anyone out this year so on and so forth.


Jiminez vs. Gallardo

For several years, I was reluctant to play Fantasy Baseball because of the situations where I would have to pick between the Brewers and the fantasy team. I can't even get past the first game of the season without getting into this situation as Jiminez is a key member of Cheddarhead. I have decided to rationalize this by thinking "it's ok if he pitches well all season but he can feel free to give up 8 runs in 2 1/3 against the Brewers, he has 30-plus starts to actually pitch well"

For the Brewers, Yovani Gallardo will be making the 1st of what should be several opening day starts. If nothing else, at least theres no way he could be worse than last years opening day starter (Jeff Suppan). As the only Brewer pitcher to pitch well last year, it's good to see him leading off the season, now if only he can lay off on the walks.........


Smith vs. Wolf

The Rockies are giving Greg Smith the start on Tuesday. He pitched fairly well in '08 but didn't see any big league action last year. The most interesting things that can be said about him is he's good at picking off runners and he ended up being one of the players that went to Colorado for Matt Holliday.

This is an important game for the Brewers as this is Randy Wolf's first start as a Brewer. On Tuesday, we begin to find out whether Randy Wolf is a good investment or if he is Jeff Suppan Version 2.0. Since Wolf has spent time pitching in the NL West, he should be fairly familiar with most of the Rockies hitters. A few positive indicators here:

1) Some of the Rockies projected regulars have struggled against Wolf (Helton, Tulowitzki and Barmes).

2) In the glass half empty/glass half full line of thinking: He's given up plenty of homers to current Rockies players (9 in 122 at bats) but at the same time they've hit .205 off him.


Cook vs. Davis

The Rockies are bringing Aaron Cook to the hill for Wednesday's MLB Network national broadcast. A fairly steady-slightly above average pitcher--pitching half the games at Coors, no small feat. Out of current Brewers, Counsell, Gerut & Fielder have struggled pretty bad against him but Jim Edmonds has pretty much owned him. If Edmonds is getting any starts this year, Wednesday should be one of those games. Despite Edmonds strong track record, it could be a long day for the Brewers as Cook has pitched fairly well against the current Brewers.

Another day, another first start for a Brewers off-season acquisition. Doug Davis starts his second stint as a Brewer with this start on Wednesday. Doug Davis is the reigning National League leader in Games Started and Walks. Looking at his past performance against the Rockies does give some cause for concern. Both Tulowitzki and Helton have hit him well and amongst current Rockies, they have tagged Davis to the tune of an .880 OPS....ouch.

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