Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Thursday 2-Fifths

Didn't have enough time to write a full F5ive, here's a preview for the two games running on MLB Network today

1- Nationals vs. Reds
MLB Network
Hernandez vs. Volquez Interest Level:4

So, apparently the Nationals have pitchers not named Strasburg pitching for them. When Livian Hernandez got off to that scorching hot start, it was clear that it was built up with smoke, mirrors, good luck and a low BABIP. In other words, Livan Hernandez odds of that great start lasting the season had as good of a chance of surviving as that house made of straw in the 3 little pigs had of surviving the big bad wolf. As of today, his ERA stands at 3.27 and appears to be well on its way to its rightful place in the mid to upper 4 range.

The Reds counter with Edison Volquez (who despite failing a drug-test doesn't actually serve his 50-game suspension because he happened to be injured at the time....I don't see how this could be a controversy if the Reds win the division, but thats besides the point). who pitched well in his first start of 2010 and looks to give their pitching staff a much needed jolt in the arm as they battle the Cardinals for the NL Central playoff spot.

2- Royals vs. Yankees MLB Network Chen vs. Sabathia

The Royals and Nationals on National TV on the same day! This can be placed on the list of things that would never hapen on FOX or ESPN.

Anyways, the Royals are playing their normal role of also-ran, sitting at 12 games out of first (I thought it would look a lot worse for them at this point). The Royals bring Bruce Chen to the hill. Surprisingly, Chen hasn't pitched that bad this year (5-3 4.06 era 104 ERA+) I didn't say it was great but it's not bad's a bit mind boggling that the dude has pitched for 10 teams in his career (including 4/5 of the NL East by the time he was 25)....considering he's left handed and only 33, he could very easily break the all-time record for teams pitched for before all is said and done.

None of this really matters as they are facing the Yankees and CC Sabathia. The Yankees are contending for a division title/world series title (as always) and a pre-requisite of that is taking care of business against also-ran teams such as the Royals.


  1. I just read my 600th story about Alex Rodriguez's quest for 600HRs.

  2. No column? Aren't you excited about Sox-Yanks?

  3. MORE COLUMNS!!! I don't care if the Brewers are 10 games under .500 and its NFL preseason!

  4. Even if you don't plan to write another column for a couple of months, you should at least have the courtesy of announcing your retirement and then predictably coming out of retirement like Brett Favera.

  5. I just read the story that Johnny Damon has decided not to waive his no-trade clause to join the Red Sox, who recently claimed him off waivers from the Detroit Tigers, who sit 1 game south of 500. I will post my instant reaction here, since no one else will care.

    WTF?! Have a chance to win a World Series or play meaningless games in September? Damon claims the Tigers have a chance to make a run? begs to differ, giving the Tigers all of a 0.3% chance of catching the Twins, which is still better than the Brewers, but come on! Sox have a 13% chance, and really they have better than that with so many games against the teams ahead of them left.

    Next, Damon says he talked with every one of his teammates to make sure he was still wanted in Detroit? Hello, your team put you on waivers! Yes, they want you to go!

    Finally, Damon claims that he did not want to go to Boston because he was afraid of getting booed. As someone who goes to Fenway Park occasionally, I will agree that the booing has gotten out of hand in the aftermath of the first World Series, which Damon experienced firsthand in 2005. He watched as Keith Foulke sacrificed the rest of his career by pitching with his elbow hanging on a thread in order to get the Sox through that postseason (he could have easily been the WS or even the ALCS MVP), then he watched Keith get booed when he was blowing games in '05. The average Sox fan who goes to a game today has no regard for past accomplishments and that is unfortunately reflected in the fact that all the heroes from those WS years have already moved on too. I expect Philadelphia fans to boo their heroes, not Sox fans, shamefully. Nonetheless, we wanted to cheer Damon as soon as he took off the pinstripes. Unfortunately, he was hurt during Detroit's only visit to Fenway this year, but he would have received the same reception Nomar got, maybe even better, but not while he was wearing pinstripes. The only explanation for Damon behaving the way he has is that he fails to grasp the intensity of the Boston-NY rivalry.

    It's really too bad Damon does not want to come back to Boston because of the fans. It would have been magical to have him back (and really helped the Sox out since both Ellsbury and Cameron are out for the year), and I think both the fans and Damon deserve some of the blame.