Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nerve-Racking Save Situations plus my thoughts on Jose Lima and Nyjer Morgan's inside the park incident

Just another sunny-Sunday afternoon. Got the Brewers-Twins game going on the feed. Got the end of the Red Sox-Phillies game playing on the TV.

Yesterday's game was interesting to say the least. Coming back from 4 down to take a lead only to blow the lead and lose in the 12th. Thus far today, the Brewers pitching (despite being in shambles) has pitched reasonably well so far as they are up 4-2 in the 6th inning. This also happens to be the second game where a Brewer has made their big league debut this weekend as Zach Braddock is in the middle of his first appearance as we speak.

Today is a sad day in the world of baseball as Jose Lima died at the age of 37. This was a bit shocking to say the least (anyone that uses a name such as Lima Time for his pitching appearances has to be interesting). His Major League career might have been over but he wasn't that old. Lima had an interesting career to say the least. He had a couple really good seasons in '98 at '99 and at age 26 it looked like he was going to be amongst the elite pitchers for the foreseeable future.

Of course things didn't work out that way. He did have his moments after that (pitching a playoff shutout for the Dodgers in the 2004 NLDS) but he was never able to recapture what he had for the end of the 90s. The last I remembered seeing of him was about a month ago. I was watching a Dodgers-Pirates game, it was about the 8th inning and they cut to the crowd where Lima was signing some autographs for some fans....I didn't think too much about this when I was watching that game but it seems surreal now that the next time I would see or hear anything about Lima would be to hear of his death.

So, yesterday I was watching MLB Network and they were about to go to commercial and they were teasing for a highlight for the Nationals game and something about an inside-the-park home run that happened in an unusual fashion. Since I wasn't feeling like TV after the Brewers loss yesterday, I didn't think much about it and went on with my day.

Well, I just saw the YouTube video for it and all I gotta say is wow. So I know its gotta be disappointing falling short on making a catch that would have robbed the hitter of a likely double. Being distracted enough to throw your hat down and completely lose it to the point that another outfielder has to throw the ball in a desperate attempt to prevent an inside the parker--that has got to be about the dumbest i've seen on a big league field in a long time (if not ever)--i'm guessing it will be hard for him to live this incident and he'll be likely to be remembered for the 20 seconds of bad judgment more than whatever he may accomplish on the might not be fair but thats just the harsh reality of things.

Felling a bit tense the Brewers are up 4-2 right now but down to those elusive last 3 outs. Today's closers role is going to John Axford (after a very quick inning by Hoffman). Hudson just led off with a double--not liking how this is starting......strikes out Morneau (not bad at all)....struck out Cuddyer swinging (up and in).....Kubel RBI Single (not hit that hard outfield playing deep 4-3).......base hit runners at 1st and 3rd, Thome coming up...based loaded Plouffe coming out......strikes out Plouffe to end the game and lead the bases loaded...........for once a blown save is that was a bit nerve-racking......been inside my apartment a bit much this weekend, time to hit the gym.....till next time

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  1. I'm just watching for the first time that video of that Nyjer Morgan thing and wow, just wow. I could never imagine someone making it to the big leagues with that attitude. Did he forget that there were baserunners running? Plenty of guys show heart, but they wait until after the freaking play.