Monday, May 17, 2010

The Ramble 5/20: It's Been Awhile, Its been a bit too long

Been away for way too long (been a busy couple of weeks).....lots have happened since the Gerut cycle.

-The Brewers lost a lot of ball-games. They lost 9 in a row......the lost by blowouts (Braves series)....they lost due to a faulty bullpen (Phillies series)....they lost when Ken Macha tried to get 130 pitches out of Chris Narveson.......they lost due to further bullpen failure (Todd Coffey having a bad 7th inning......we all have a bad game now and then).....they lost because Ken Macha brought in Hoffman to close a game (totally know it's bad when you see that your team is up 4-2 after 8 1/2 and you see who's pitching in the 9th and you think to yourself........the Brewers ain't winning this game..........they finally won when Ken Macha finally figured out that bringing Hoffman in to pitch the 9th isn't getting it done (about a month late).

-With the closer vote for who to blame for this mess goes to Ken Macha. While Trevor Hoffman might be the one losing the games and struggling horribly......Macha was the one that kept putting him into these situations to lose until the Crew dropped 10 games below .500. If you read between the lines, its pretty clear where I place the blame for this mess. It's so bad that he's starting to make Eric Gagne look good.....nuff said.

-It's really hard to find a silver lining through all of this failure. The closest I can come up with is this stretch only cost the Brewers a couple games in the standings as St. Louis struggled pretty bad during that stretch and the Reds have lost the last couple of games (in pretty brutal fashion nonetheless). While that 16-25 record is pretty ugly, they are still only 7 1/2 games out............if they turn things around and get hot for a month (with their offense it's not beyond reality) this team could bounce back's a fat chance but with 121 games left it's too depressing to think about looking ahead to 2011 (even though that is a reasonable thing to think)

-Whew....lengthy rant.....the fantasy teams....they keep moving along. Chillin at 4-2 in the CBS League.....lost pretty bad last week.....found some time to pick up Ian Desmond and Casey McGehee (one of the few Brewers to actually show up the last week and a half).....i'm in pretty good shape this week (up by about 40 points).........(however the team i'm playing has Tim Lincecum who's having a nice start against the D-Backs as I write this).

-I know it's been about a week in a half but I gotta say. Calling out A-Rod (twice).......A-Rod calling him out by saying he doesn't want to add to his 15 minutes of fame......pitching a perfect game 2 days later........I don't care what happens the rest of his career, Dallas Braden is THE man.

-Who doesn't like a good list to ignite some discussion? Why Do I say this? The Sporting News just released their list of the top 50 players in the game.

To the surprise of not very many people, Albert Pujols is their #1 player. The show the list plus where they ranked last year (if applicable). This year 19 of the 50 players were nowhere to be found in 2009.

Out of those 19 players, the five I see as most likely to be on the list in 2011:

Prince Fielder
Matt Kemp
Andre Ethier
Pablo Sandoval
Felix Hernandez

The Five Newcomers Least Likely To Be On The List in 2011:

Todd Helton
Adam Wainwright
Aaron Hill
John Lackey
Bobby Abreu

Connor Jackson busts out a game-tying 2-run triple to tie things up at 2.......slightly increasing the chance of my team being 5-2 come Monday......which happens to be the score in favor of the D-Backs after Mark Reynolds took Lincecum deep......................

That's all for now....till next time.....

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