Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lincecum v. Giants

So, the Giants and Tim Lincecum have a bit of dispute regarding how much money he should get paid in 2010. The Giants think he should be paid $8 million while Lincecum thinks he should be paid $13 million.

Case For Lincecum:

Let's see, he's only the best, most exciting pitcher in the game today. His career ERA+ is 152, he turns 26 this year and he's only getting better. He's led the NL in Strikeouts and Strikeouts/9 IP the last two years. He led the league in Complete Games and Shutouts last year. He's won the last two Cy Young Awards.

The only other pitchers to win Cy Young Awards in Consecutive Years:

Sandy Koufax
Denny McLain
Jim Palmer
Roger Clemens
Greg Maddux
Pedro Martinez
Randy Johnson

I don't know about you, but to me that's a pretty impressive list. Point being, Lincecum is one of the greatest if not THE greatest pitcher of this generation. The Giants need to do everything in their capacity to keep him happy.

The (Very,Very,Very,Very,Very,Very........Very) Weak Case Against Lincecum:

Um he led the league in wild pitches in '08. The one time I saw him pitch in person he lost to Manny Parra. He's a .140 career hitter. Yes a very absurd argument against giving him what he wants that was cherry picked as much as it could.

Verdict: There's no way Lincecum can lose this case. Usually I would be against giving a player this much money but Lincecum is carrying whatever team he's playing for for the next decade-plus. If he wants $20 million , you give it to him, if he wants his own private jet (hand it over), if he wants to be owner, gm, manager (give him what he wants)

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