Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Name, New Focus, Same Attitude

So, I've been writing on this website/blog/forum for about eight months. I've written enough stuff to know what works and what doesn't. After seven months of regular writing and about one month of being on hiatus, i've learned that for myself, writing about baseball works, any other sport not so much.

Obviously, as a Brewers fan, there will be a slight emphasis on the Brewers but i'm also going to be giving my take on other going on's in the world of baseball. Also, 2010 is my first foray into Fantasy Baseball. I've always been told that I would be good at fantasy baseball and several people have suggested it to me and this year i'm taking the plunge into fantasy baseball. One of the sub-plots of this blog will be me documenting my journey into this world and to see how it goes.

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