Monday, March 8, 2010

Introducing Cheddarhead

So I have finally joined the masses and officially entered the world of Fantasy Baseball. It has been a long time coming. I'm definitely hitting the ground running as this is the 1st of 3 teams that I am going to be a part of in 2010.

The first team I am on has been a few years in the making. My buddy Diego has been playing fantasy baseball for several years and has mentioned several times that I would be good at fantasy baseball. A couple months ago, the idea of running a fantasy baseball team together came into consideration. With his knack for picking up players in their breakout/one good year (i.e. Carlos Quentin, Eric Bedard, Mark Bellhorn, etc.) and my knack for the numbers aspect of the game we pretty much decided that we have the potential to dominate Fantasy Baseball.

After corresponding over Facebook and agreeing to do the draft on Sunday, it was time to develop our strategy of who we wanted (i.e. Pujols) who we didn't want (i.e. Molina Brothers, Michael Bourn, Juan Pierre) and at that point it was time to play the waiting game. We quickly signed ourselves up for a Yahoo league and scheduled ourselves for an 11 a.m. draft.

After having some drinks the night before, sleeping a few hours and armed with some gatorade, a sick stomach and a hungover brain filled with baseball knowledge, it was go time.

We had the 2nd pick in the draft and were debating whether to take Utley or Mauer with that pick but knowing we wanted to draft Albert Pujols in the unlikely chance he wasn't picked first. For some reason, the person above us picked Hanley Ramirez and Pujols was ours. From, there things got even better as we drafted a juggernaut with so much power it should almost be illegal.

Our starting line-up:

Catcher-Brian McCann
First Base-Albert Pujols
Second Base-Jose Lopez
Shortstop-Alexei Ramirez
Third Base-Ryan Zimmerman
Outfield-Jay Bruce
Outfield-Mike Cuddyer
Outfield-Torrii Hunter

And if any of those players falter, we have plenty of back-up fire power if needed. We have Geovany Soto (no way he plays as bad as he does last year) J.J Hardy (another player who's poised to bounce back....and if the Twins new stadium is hitter friendly........even better....if it's abusive to hitters that's cool too as we have Kevin Slowey).

We have Adam LaRoche who is a good source for 25 homers (and was available in the second to last round......I still find it hilarious that he fell to us because the person before us drafted Juan Uribe). The only regret in the draft was picking Mike Cameron in the last round instead of Kyle Blanks. Overall, I am very happy with this team

Even with a loaded offense, we still have ourselves covered with pitching. We have Cliff Lee who is in 1) his contract year and 2) pitching at Safeco....we have Ubaldo Jiminez who is on the cusp of stardom.....Derek Lowe who was the victim of bad luck last year. We have a strong bullpen with Joakim Soria (who unlike our original choice Joe Nathan didn't get injured yesterday) and Huston Street who was still available late on probably because of his NLDS struggles.

In conclusion, I see Cheddarhead running away and winning it's fantasy league. Victory is ours.


  1. Good job getting Cliff Lee. Not that I know anything about fantasy, but he's as close to a sure thing as you can get on the mound this year. Safeco will really insulate him, even though he came from Philly he must still know the AL, and he seems like he has the right pitcher's mentality where he won't let a bad performance haunt him his next time out. As for Pujols, his team is still 0-4 in World Series games versus my favorite team and I don't recall a memorable performance from him in any of them. By the way, who is Jay Bruce?

  2. Jay Bruce is a Reds outfielder on the Cusp of a breakout season....Pujols don't need no memorable world series performance..he just needs to do what he's been doing since 2001 (except for the 15 or so games he plays against the Brewers...he's free to hit .130 in those games)

  3. Yes. Always remember you are a Brewers fan first, a Cheddarhead fan second. "Thou shalt not bow down to false idols," so sayeth the Second Commandment.

  4. Plus plenty of that firepower will happen against teams I hate and/or may be fighting for playoff positioning with such as the Cubs, Reds, etc.