Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing my Razzball team

So, this is the introduction to the bizarro team. A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through the multitudes of blogs I subscribe to on Google Reader and came across a Fantasy Baseball league that was unlike the typical Fantasy Baseball league. The league, run through the Fantasy Baseball blog Razzball. Unlike most Fantasy Leagues where drafting players like Albert Pujols, Joe Mauer, Ryan Braun and Chase Utley will help you win, the league that I joined is aimed at purposely assembling the worst team possible. The winner of the Razzball wins a Hot Tub. No word on whether or not this Hot Tub takes you back to the year I turned 3, 1986.

Anyways, here is the line-up I am going with:

Catcher-Jason Kendall
First Base-Bobby Crosby
Second Base-Brendan Harris
Third Base-Bill Hall
Shortstop-Yuniesky Bettencourt
Corner Infield-Mike Jacobs
Middle Infield-Cristian Guzman
Outfield-Gary Matthews Jr.
Outfield-Willy Taveras
Outfield-Jeff Francoeur
Outfield-Mitch Maier
Outfield-Ryan Church
Utility-Alex Cora
Bench-Fernando Tatis
Bench-Rod Barajas
Bench-Nick Punto

Most Commonly Used Hitter (In Reality):

Jeff Francoeur who somehow is starting in 11 percent of leagues.

Number of Starters Starting in 0% of Yahoo leagues:



Fausto Carmona
Oliver Perez
Chris Jakubauskas
Nelson Figueroa
Craig Stammen
Jeff Karstens
Tim Redding
Evan Meek
Jordan Zimmermann


Colin Balester
Daniel Cabrera

Most Commonly Used Pitchers:

Fausto Carmona/Oliver Perez (1% each)

Pitchers on 0% of Yahoo Leagues:

Everyone else

Apparently, i'm not the only one not high on Carlos Gomez. Carlos Gomez is allegedly the Albert Pujols of the Razzball world as he was the first overall pick. I was also glad to know that i'm not the only one to see through Michael Bourn's 2009 season as he was the 3rd overall pick. Unlike the last couple years, i'll actually be able to enjoy Jason Kendall's mediocrity as a) he's not on the Brewers anymore and b) he was my first round draft choice.

Another thing to note that 21 of the 27 players I drafted play for one of four teams, all of which could make a compelling argument for being the dumbest team in baseball (Pirates, Royals, Nationals and Mets). My thinking was if any of these teams see something in these players to sign them, 90 percent of the time there is something so fundamentally flawed in their game that they have the potential to become superstars in the Razzball world.


  1. So, bracketology. Lehigh will beat Kansas. Wake Forest will beat Kentucky... they still have Tim Duncan, right? I like Richmond Spiders, who showed heart in the A-10 tourney, and seize the championship beating only Catholic schools! In order: St. Mary's, Villanova, Baylor, Duke, Marquette, and Georgetown.

    Anyway, to compensate for the "All 1's" debacle of last year, I say no 1's make it this year, but I reserve my right to continue to overvalue the Big 12. Final Four: Kansas St., Texas A&M, West Virginia (Runners-Up), and Ohio State (Champions). Evan Turner will then be drafted by the Kings #1 overall next year, resulting in the Kings experiencing a Bucks-like resurgence.

    Gut, research, favorite, sleeper...
    Gut, research, favorite, sleeper...
    Gut, research, favorite, sleeper...

  2. Its about time a 16 will beat a 1 anyways.....Siena looks to primed to make a George Mason esque run.....West Virginia got snubbed of a 1-seed because Duke gets a 1-seed whether or not they deserve it

    Murray St. also apperantly has the traits of many early round cinderllas and have way too many wins (30) for a 13-seed.