Monday, July 20, 2009

Playoffs?! Don't talk about Playoffs: I just hope they can win a game

Watching the Brewers play tonight makes me think about Jim Mora's infamous playoffs rant.

Substitute the five turnovers part for leaving a bunch of runners on base and getting schooled by the Pirates.....and that's pretty much how I'm feeling about 2009 baseball season these days.

Having Felipe Lopez is good (he's 3 for 3 as a Brewer as of this writing)....having nobody else playing well, not so much. As always they regress to hitting at a Double-A level whenever anyone gets into scoring position. Mike Burns gave up 6 the Pirates....not the 1927 Yankees, the chronically rebuilding last place Pirates. It's one thing when this happens against a good or even mediocre team...i thought I could at least count on them playing good against the Pirates (they're doing everything they can to snap a 17 game win streak against them)......but this is disgraceful....even with Burns' struggles on the mound......with the opportunities the Brewers have had in tonight's game they should have more than 2 runs.....well if they actually got hits instead of hitting into double plays

Literally, I would be pulling hair out of my head if I had any left. Nights like this make me convinced I'll never see the Brewers play in the world series.

On a bright note St. Louis and San Francisco both lost so if this game holds up the Crew will still be 3 back in the central in 3 1/2 in the wild card. So, there is still some hope of the Crew getting it together and having a legitimate shot at the playoffs.....but if I've learned one thing being a Brewers fan is to expect the worst because that happens more often than not.

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