Monday, July 13, 2009

Why? Cause it's easier than firing 25 players

Heading into the all-star break and the franchise formerly known as the montreal expos commemorated the all-star break by firing manager Manny Acta.

Not too much to say here. Just another classic case of a manager losing his job because he had the misfortune of being in charge of the least talented team in baseball. It will definitely be hard for him to get another chance to manage in the big leagues with a record of 158-252. The sad thing about this is it is really hard to gage the competence (or lack of) for Manny Acta since the Nationals roster is more or leas a joke

Noted by the plethora of has-beens and never will be's it's halfway impressive this team has managed to even go 26-61

This team has a grand total of 4 players that could get a starting spot on an even mediocre team. Johnson, Dunn, Zimmerman and John Lannan. My first thought is how bad will this team be once they trade Johnson and Dunn? My second thought is a) who are these players ? b) they're still playing professionally?

Josh Bard? Anderson Hernandez? Austin Kearns? Corey Patterson? These guys wouldn't even be decent hitters if someone told them which pitches were coming....

Julian Tavarez? Kip Wells? Mike MacDougal? Ron Villone? I thought these guys were retired..........Yep, this is the baseball equivalent to the Detroit Lions

Pretty much if there's any statistic in baseball that should have an asteric it should be Manny Acta's managerial record. Regardless of how genius the person managing this team is........this team is going nowhere...While changing managers helps in cases where the roster is talented but they're not getting it done (see Mets, New York) Acta was caught in the ambush and paid with his job............tragic but that's baseball

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