Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The W-5: They're Hall of Fame Eligible? Um thats nice...I guess

So the last couple of days I've contemplated what I was going to discuss on the W-5....initially it was my take on trade season (but since I sorta did that last week that was scrapped out).....i thought about other Hall of Fame discussions (i.e. who will get inducted ......who's not in the Hall of Fame but should be).....but I decided to take it in another direction.......

I looked on wikipedia on there is a page for Baseball Hall of Fame Balloting 2010 which had some names of several players who are only getting into the Hall of Fame if they pay cover charge.....and here are the five most likely headed to this fate

1-Todd Van Poppel 40-52 5.58 80 ERA+

Known more for being picked ahead of Chipper Jones than any on field accomplishments. Had a couple decent years as a middle reliever but also had 10+ unmemorable years.....i'm pretty sure the A's wished they had picked Chipper

2-Jimmy Haynes 63-89 5.37 83 ERA+

Had a couple unmemorable years for a couple of atrocious early 2000s Brewers team. His Baseball Reference page shows that he was just as bad as I remember him.

3-Brook Fordyce .258/.309/.388 82 OPS+

Medoicre Numbers + Playing >100 games twice in his career= no Cooperstown for you.

4-Josias Manzanillo 13-15 4.71 ERA 93 OPS+

Considering that players connected to steroids and/or the Mitchell Report who had MUCH better careers than Manzanillo are not getting into the Hall of Fame.....i'm pretty sure mediocre middle relievers that Kurt Radomski saw doing steroids first hand (the only player he actually witnessed doing them) i'm pretty sure he ain't getting in.....although as a consolation prize he does get bumped down to only the 4th least likely for taking a Manny Ramirez line drive to the groin (without wearing a cup) to come back and play for six more years.

5-Darren Bragg .255/.340/.381m 85 OPS+

He got traded straight up for Jamie Moyer once. His 8th most similar player career wise is R.J. Reynolds---yes there was a player in the 80s with the same name as a notorious tobacco company......but oddly enough I can't think of too much to say about him.........

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  1. I remember that Darren Bragg's trade that the Sox made for Moyer. He made one of the earliest specific plays that I watched live that I can remember today. Jumps, makes the catch, falls completely over the wall, disappears into the bullpen, raises glove in the air from the bullpen to show the ball, batter's out. You don't make the HOF for just one play though.