Monday, July 27, 2009

Ryan Garko trade + wild card implications

The Giants took a step towards addressing their hitting issues by acquiring Ryan Garko from the Indians for a Class A Pitcher

While I was incorrect in thinking the bat they would pick up would be Adam Dunn, it has been more or less inevitable that the Giants would go looking for an extra bat ever since they played their way into contention about a month ago.....while he's not going to be an MVP player anytime soon (the only stat he's been in the top 10 for is HBP he is a solid hitter hitting at a .285/.362/.424 114 OPS+ that can provide protection for Pablo Sandoval in the Giants line up.......on a side note I do feel bad for the fan sponsoring his baseball-reference page since the sponsor was looking forward to many at-bats for Garko as a member of the Indians

With the Giants 1 1/5 behind the Rockies in the Wild Card chase..any help (especially at the bat) is conducive to the Giants playoff hopes.....regardless of where they play him (first base--his primary position) or the outfield (where he played occasionally) he's definitely an improvement since the Giants starting first baseman (Ishikawa) and two of their outfielders (Lewis and Winn) are both hitting below average this year.......overall, a good smart trade for the Giants....they improve their offense without having to give up too much

It looks like it's a good day to be a Giants fan as in addition to this trade, Tim Lincecum is pitching a gem and dominating enough to trigger a MLB special alert as he's struck out 10 batters in the first five innings........while it's still far from guaranteed the Giants will make the playoffs ( has their odds at 23.3%) , if they do find their way in that pitching staff headed by Lincecum and Cain gives the Giants a real chance to do some serious damage if they get in

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