Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Rickey Henderson tells us about future HOF Voting

Now, time to give Ricky Henderson the same treatment:

Similar Players Already in:
Paul Molitor
Lou Brock
Joe Morgan
Robin Yount
Al Kaline

The similars not yet in are

Craig Biggio .281/.363/.433 111 OPS+ career

Looking at his numbers, they were a bit lower than I expected. However, he was one of the better players on the Astros for many seasons. He does have a case as his 7 all-star selections shows he was amongst the better players and he is above average on 2 of the 4 HOF monitor indexes......there's still time for people to make up their minds about him since he doesn't come up for voting until 2013

Eventual HOFer---just not on first ballot

Rusty Staub .279/.362/.431 124 OPS+

Played a bit before my time....don't know too much about his the context of the pitcher friendly 60s his 292 career homers look good...had a couple seasons of 150 OPS+...but not enough to get into Cooperstown

Unlikely HOFer

Steve Finley .271/.332/.442 104 OPS+

Pretty average hitter much of his career......developed more pop in his bat in the late 90s(then again who didn't

Unlikely HOFer

Tim Raines .294/.365/.425 123 OPS+

Not the most powerful hitter...but outside of Henderson one of those players whose impact was substantially increased by his pitchers having to worry about him stealing a base

Should be a HOFer but probably won't get in for a while

Vada Pinson .286/.327/.442 110 OPS+

Solid Player, Solid Career....nothing overly noteworthy though

Unlikely HOFer

Like Jim Rice, there's not too much of a glimpse one can get into who will eventually get into the Hall of Fame based on his induction. In Henderson's's more due to him being a unique talent and player (especially on the base paths) than Rice's case where there was a compelling argument for and against his induction...........

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