Sunday, September 6, 2009

Another Brewers-Cards Preview

So, the Brewers first chance to play spoiler turned up pretty empty. They lost a couple of 3-2 games on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, they pulled out a thrilling victory with a Prince Fielder walk-off home-run in the bottom of the 12th followed by an awesome choreographed celebration.

The Brewers trudge on with another series with the NL Central leading St. Louis Cardinals.....the break-down follow like this

Brewers 66-70
Cardinals 81-57

Carpenter (15-3 2.28 era 183 ERA+) vs. Bush (3-6 6.47 era 65 ERA+)

A (not-so) awesome Labor Day mismatch. Carpenter's era is about 1/3 of Bush's. The Brewers face a Cy Young candidate for the second time in three days. The Brewers counter with a pitcher who has struggled horribly since coming back from the DL

Smoltz (3-6 6.63 era 69 ERA+) vs. Parra (10-10 6.47 era 65 ERA+)

A rematch from Thursday afternoon. Smoltz has obviously struggled this year but despite his age and everything else...Smoltz is one pitcher that is never to be taken lightly. The Brewers counter with Manny Parra who has pitched well against St. Louis this year, even if he hasn't pitched so well against the rest of the league.

Wainwright (17-7 2.68era 156 ERA+) vs. Suppan (6-8 4.97 era 85 ERA+)

The Cardinals bring on Wainwright on Wednesday (the third elite pitcher to go against the Crew in five days). The Brewers counter with Jeff Suppan. Jeff Suppan was crucial in helping the Cards win the 2006 World Series and has parlayed that into being paid about 2-3 time more than he should be getting paid. He has somehow managed to string together two solid starts in a row....sadly enough out of the three starters being trotted out in this series, he's having a much better season out of the three.........that there says a lot more about the Brewers starting pitching and how truly terrible it has been than anything else that could possibly be said......

Also, this weekend marked the end of the Jesus Colome era......he hardly had a chance to show what he could (or couldn't do) he had a 5.68 era in 6 1/3 innings. However, with endings there are usually beginnings. Sunday marked the start of the Corey Patterson era which began with a sacrifice bunt in today's game.

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