Sunday, September 13, 2009

Brewers-Cubs Preview

Well, they may have not been played spoiler yet but the Brewers managed to come together and put together a well-played series getting a 3-game sweep over the D-Backs. The Brewers go into Wrigley Field to play a 4-game set with the Cubs. As late as July, I was expecting this series to have massive playoff implications and to be more intense than usual. However, with both the Brewers and the Cubs being left behind by the Cardinals, there isn't too much to play for other than pride

Brewers 69-74 vs. Cubs 74-68

Alright so, I didn't get the preview done in time for the beginning of the series.....Cubs won tonight's game 2-0....don't have too much more to say about the rest of the series....but here it goes


Gallardo 12-11 3.59 era 117 ERA+ vs. Zambrano 8-6 3.77 era 116 ERA+

The only game the rest of the series where the Brewers have announced their starter. Gallardo has had an excellent season, he's stayed healthy.....and I can't wait to see how much better he is in 2010. Zambrano starts for the Cubs....he's had a decent season but not well enough to justify how much money he's gettin paid


TBD vs. Harden 9-8 4.04 era 108 ERA+

Harden has had an uninspiring season. The Brewers roughed him up pretty well on the 4th of July (you know way back before both teams playoff hopes were crushed)......The only bright spot in an otherwise miserable 4 game series a couple weeks ago.


TBD vs. Wells 10-8 2.96 148 ERA+

The Brewers go up against Randy Wells who has bucked the general trend of both of these teams and overacheiving this year. He's been one of the leagues better kept secrets.........................

Sorta stretching on other things to discuss on this series......between TBD making a couple starts and still glowing over the Packers beating the Bears in the last minute on national tv.........

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