Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sucessful Non-BCS Schools are NOT bad for college football

I'm not sure what the best way to put it lightly is, but this article is THE worst sports article I have read in at least a couple of months.

To me, it seems like the writer (David Whitley) is trying to become the Billy Packer of college football (in other words, be heavily biased towards BCS conferences and never giving any of the non-BCS conferences credit for anything and trying to sabotage their credibility)

The entire article is basically a smear campaign on all of the elite college football conferences that have the misfortune of not being in one of the 6 BCS conferences that control the money. The first three paragraphs alone are enough to make the blood boil a little bit.

Unless the NCAA takes the win away, Bobby Bowdenjust did college football a big favor. His Florida Stateteam beat Brigham Young, knocking out a pretender to the throne.

Excuse me, who are you to speak for College Football? Having a non-traditional football team contend for a title would not hurt College Football. It would only make it stronger. It would give hope to fan bases outside the major conferences. It would inspire fans that in any given year...if they have one of those dream seasons...they could perhaps win a championship. BYU even won a title in the 80s and college football hasn't been any better or worse for it.

Also, BYU a pretender? Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't they beat one of the elite programs in Oklahoma a couple of weeks ago?

Then Oregon beat fellow pretender Utah. Now if somebody could dump Boise State, we'll all have a merry Christmas.

Utah as a pretender? The same Utah team that's 2-0 in BCS bowl games this decade? The same Utah team that was the only team to go undefeated last year and destroy a strong Alabama team in their bowl game. The same Utah team that got robbed of playing in the title game for playing in the wrong conference?

That's not likely because the Broncos have already gone unbeaten in their one-game season. It's all over but the routing of San Jose State, Idaho, UC Davis, UC Chula Vista and UC Schwarzenegger.

I will concede that Boise State doesn't play in the strongest conference. That being said, they still have to execute on the field, play the games. While those teams are not setting the college football world on fire, it's guaranteed that their opponents are going to bring their A-games against Boise State and the Boise State will still have to work for their wins.

And to infer that the success of the small guys is bad for College Football, correct me if i'm wrong but didn't Boise State give us one of the most entertaining bowl games when they beat Oklahoma in '07. I guarantee you an overtime game like that would not generate the same buzz if it was one of your standard BCS conference 10-2 team such as Texas, Georgia, Ohio State, or whatever happens to pass for a Big East or ACC Champion in that given year.

On a side note, how dare you slam the fine UC System (which I am a product of) and make the point of slamming UCD by listing a couple of made up UC names. I'll be the first to admit my alma matter is not what you'd call a football juggernaut. However, if your gonna slam UC Davis at least put them next to an actual UC School. I'll even list a few examples you can use next time to save you 20 seconds of your time (UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, UC Santa Barbara and UC Riverside).

I'd have a lot more respect for Boise State if it played a real schedule. More importantly, the BCS would have a lot more respect if the Broncos had to get up for more than one game a year.

Come on, Boise State is not the first top-25 team nor the last top-25 program to schedule non-conference cupcakes (this weekend). Boise State has Bowling Green on the schedule this weekend. Granted Bowling Green is not what you would call an elite program but it's no worse than scheduling Louisiana-Lafayette (Nebraska...cough...cough..), Charleston Southern (cough...Florida..cough) or Florida International (Alabama....cough)....Point being, where's the outrage of the elite programs scheduling teams that are inferior to them.

Sure, Boise State beat Oklahoma in a thrilling Fiesta Bowl and Utah thumped Alabama in last year's Sugar Bowl. Nobody's saying the best from the Mountain West and WAC can't beat the best from the SEC and Big 12.

Then how come your so reluctant to let these teams prove themselves on College Football's biggest stage? Seriously, last year in the MWC, there were 3 teams finishing in the top-16. On the contrary, the best the ACC could give us is a 3-loss Cincinnati team and a 4-loss Virginia Tech team. While the WAC is basically the Boise State show, (how they get slammed for this while Florida State's got a free pass for being THE ACC in the 90s is beyond me).

Well that's enough ranting and raving for one night. I can't wait to see Boise State, TCU and/or Houston school Ohio State in a BCS bowl game.

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