Friday, September 18, 2009

Brewers-Astros Series Preview: Battle for third Part III:

Well, after a rough start to the series that Wrigley....the Brewers got their act together enough to salvage a tie with their series against the Cubs. This Weekend, they return home to Miller Park and take on an Astros team that has nothing to play for other than pride in'09.

These teams have gone traded off between 3rd and 4th in the NL Central for the last month and this series will be crucial in determining who has the best shot at this very unprestigious spot in the standings. On the bright side, the 2010 schedule was released this week so both of these teams can look forward to maybe contending....maybe not contending once this lost season is completed

Brewers 71-75 vs. Astros 70-76

Norris 5-3 5.44 era 77 ERA+ vs. Narveson 1-0 4.67 era 90 ERA+

The Astros start rookie Bud Norris who has struggled since a promising first couple of starts. With his numbers he's unlikely to be Rookie of the Year. In other words, Norris pretty much has pride and a starting pitching gig for next year to pitch for.

The Brewers start Chris Narveson. He's gone back and forth between Milwaukee and Nashville this year. This is his second start of the season. While this game is meaningless in the scope of MLB, it is meaningful for Narveson as it's unclear whether or not he'll get another chance as a starter if he doesn't pitch well down the stretch.

Moehler 8-10 5.01 era 83 ERA+ vs. Suppan 6-10 4.87 era 86 ERA+

An uninspring battle between a couple uninspiring pitchers. How Moehler is in a MLB starting rotation is beyond me and Jeff Suppan....i've mentioned how I feel about Suppan enough times that it's become equivalent to beating a dead horse so i'll move on.

Paulino 2-9 6.06 era 69 ERA+ vs. TBD

Paulino versus whoever the Brewers trot out to start....this makes Moehler v. Suppan look like a pitchers duel. Really, does it matter, the Brewers haven't played well on Sundays this year and the game overlaps with the Packers game.

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