Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Baseball Ramblings

Well, the Yankees are back in the World Series

While the Angels definitely helped the Yankees in this process due to some bad innings, un-clutch defense, so on and so least they made the series somewhat interesting. The Yankees proved again that you can indeed buy at least a League Championship......They face off against the Phillies who are trying to repeat.......if they were real would give the gang from Its Always Sunny another chance to sneak into a world series game, deliver a letter to Chase Utley...or go up against the Fanatic for mascot supremacy......or not

Manny Acta gets another chance

When Acta got fired from the Nationals job....I mentioned that there was no way to tell whether the his bad record was because he's not a good manager or because he was managing a really bad team. Arguably, the same could be said about this Indians team he is inheriting. I'm not going to stretch and say the Indians are as bad as the Nationals....but they have traded away enough players in the last couple years that they could almost field a team. Still, Acta will have a better chance to win in Cleveland since he moves away from a competitive NL East to an AL Central division that is arguably the weakest in baseball. If he does a good enough job as a manager and catches a few breaks he could be heading a competitive team within a couple years.

Mark McGwire: Hitting Coach

Honestly, i'm a bit surprised by this development. Mark McGwire struck me as someone who was over the spotlight of being involved with the MLB as we haven't heard much from McGwire since he stopped playing (well except for that one time where he said he didn't want to talk about the past). It will be interesting to see how having McGwire around will affect the Cards. The two troubling things (for St. Louis) are that being a star as a player doesn't mean they are that good as coaches and b) if/when another steroid controversy breaks out about a current or past player, it has the potential to serve as a distraction to the Cards as McGwire's alleged use is inevitably going to come to the fore-front. Either way, it should be interesting to see how he holds up in a coaching role.

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