Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 NFL Preview

Well, Week 7 of the NFL Season Is Upon us and it is time to preview this weekend's upcoming action.................

Tier I: Cheesehead Tier

Packers 3-2 vs. Browns 1-5

It was definitely good that the Packers beat the Lions next week but concerns still linger about the O-Line holding up against an NFL Caliber team. Luckily for the Packers, they don't play an NFL-Caliber team on Sunday and they are playing the Browns instead. On a random note, when I hear the words Cleveland Brown(s) together It reminds me of The Cleveland Show....the theme song for this show has been in my head for the last couple weeks.

Packers 28 Browns 7

Tier II: Best Games of the week:

Vikings 6-0 vs. Steelers 4-2

The Vikings continue to find new ways to win (on the bright side 10 more games plus the playoffs for them to find a way to not win the SuperBowl) are facing the defending Super Bowl champion Steelers. The Vikings lucked out last week......their luck runs out Sunday.

Steelers 35 Vikings 28

Bears 3-2 vs. Bengals 4-2

One of the more under-rated games of the week. The Bears have found a groove with Jay Cutler at QB. The Bengals may not be the best team but they're definitely not boring. Plus, the game gives Cedric Benson gets a shot at redemption by having a big-game against his former team.

Bengals 21 Bears 20

Falcons 4-1 vs. Cowboys 3-2

The Falcons are coming off a couple of strong wins. The Cowboys are one of those teams where I'm on the fence regarding how legit of a team they are. The Falcons are playing too well to lose these days.

Falcons 24 Cowboys 20

Tier III: Worth at least checking out

49ers 3-2 vs. Texans 3-3

It should be interesting how the 49ers offense will play with Crabtree in the mix. The 49ers are clinging to the lead in a weak NFC West. The Texans bounce between being good and terrible on a weekly basis. They seem to have trouble getting over .500. I see this trend continuing as the Niners get a boost with Crabtree in the lineup.

49ers 27 Texans 14

Cardinals 3-2 vs. Giants 5-1

The Cardinals seem to be bouncing back from a bad start. However, they picked a bad week to face the Giants. The Giants are a much better team than the Saints made them look like and I see them taking their frustration out on the Cardinals.

Giants 45 Cardinals 31

IV: Close Games......Bad Teams

Jets 3-3 vs. Raiders 2-4

The Jets 3-0 start looks like a bigger mirage and fraud with each passing week. The Jets couldn't beat an atrocious Bills team. The Raiders somehow won last week against the Eagles. This game has a legit chance of being even more poorly played than the Bills-Browns game a couple weeks back. The Raiders get a slight momentum boost since their coach isn't headed to Napa County Jail.

Bills 2-4 vs. Panthers 2-3

The Bills are coming off a good win versus the Jets. The Panthers are riding a 2-game winning streak. Still, i'm not sold on either team actually being good. The Panthers win by default since they're slightly less horrible than the Bills.

Panthers 14 Bills 10

Eagles 3-2 vs. Redskins 2-4

The Eagles are coming off a bad loss to the Raiders. The good news for the Eagles is they get to play a Redskins team that is horrible (even against bad teams).

Eagles 21 Redskins 6

Tier V: The BlowOuts

Chargers 2-3 vs. Chiefs 1-5

Well its week 7 which is that time of the year when the Chargers start taking the season seriously. The Chiefs are coming off a win against the Redskins.....which doesn't say much. While the Chargers may be 2-3 they are too good to even almost lose this game.

Chargers 35 Chiefs 3

Saints 5-0 vs. Dolphins 2-3

The Saints passed their test against the Giants with flying colors. The Dolphins are coming off a bye week and a thrilling Monday Night win against the Jets. The Dolphins aren't that bad of a team but the way the Saints are destroying everything in their path, they have no chance.

Saints 56 Dolphins 24

Patriots 4-2 Buccaneers 0-6

Unlike some teams (Redskins...cough....cough) the Patriots take care of business against winless teams. Luckily for them, that is exactly what they get this week against Tampa. Raheem Morris will have to wait another week to get his first win.

Patriots 45 Buccaneers 10

Colts 5-0 vs. Rams 0-6

The Colts have gotten to 5-0 as quietly and business-like as possible. At this point, its almost expected the Colts can be penciled in for a playoff spot. A team as talented as the Rams should probably be playing in the UFL.

Colts 70 Rams 0

Raiders 2 Jets 0

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