Monday, October 12, 2009

NLCS Preview Phillies-Dodgers

One shocking thing about the NL playoffs is that two closers helped pitch their team out of wins and out of the playoffs and none of them were Brad Lidge. Well....we got what we have last year, a rematch of the'08 NLCS.....what looked to be a possibly thrilling divisional series set was anti-climatic as 3 series were sweeps and the 4th one was deciding in 4 games....with that on to the NLCS Match-up...since I broke down the players seasons in prior posts, i'm going to list the match-ups and advantages up top and then explain my general thinking below the match-ups.


Russell Martin vs. Carlos Ruiz

Advantage: Phillies

First Base:

James Loney vs. Ryan Howard

Advantage: Phillies

Second Base

Orlando Hudson vs. Chase Utley

Advantage: Phillies


Rafael Furcal vs. Jimmy Rollins

Advantage: Phillies

Third Base

Casey Blake vs. Pedro Feliz

Advantage: Dodgers

Left Field

Manny Ramirez vs. Raul Ibanez

Advantage: Dodgers

Center Field

Matt Kemp vs. Shane Victorino

Advantage: Dodgers

Right Field

Andre Ethier vs. Jayson Werth

Advantage: Phillies

Starting Rotation:

Randy Wolf
Clayton Kershaw
Vicente Padilla
Jon Garland


Cliff Lee
Cole Hamels
Joe Blanton
Pedro Martinez
J.A. Happ

Advantage: Phillies


Jonathan Broxton
Ramon Troncoso
Ronald Belisario


Brad Lidge
Ryan Madson
Clay Condrey

Advantage: Dodgers

X Factor: Phillies

The Phillies have a strong edge on the majority of the infield (third base being the exception)...the Dodgers are stronger in the outfield. Ethier vs. Werth was pretty much a push at right field.....Werth got the nod due to having a better body of post-season work. While the Dodgers starting pitchers were strong vs. St. Louis....I have doubts about a rotation headed by Randy Wolf and Vicente Padilla being able to win every series. While Brad Lidge had a strong NLDS....i'm not quite sold that he can hold up his strong performance through the NLDS and World Series......The Phillies got the X Factor due to a) experience.....when these two matched up last year, the Phillies sent Manny-Wood home for the winter b) The Phillies late season acquisition Cliff Lee has more potential to carry a team through the playoffs than the Dodgers main pick-up (Vicente Padilla). I've learned my lesson from the Divisional Series and that any hope of these playoff series going 7 games just isn't happening....but the Phillies getting a chance to repeat is likely to happen

Phillies in 5

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  1. My concern for the Phillies, despite their advantage on offense, is the back end of their bullpen. While the Phils can score runs in bunches their bullpen can give em up just as fast. Yes - Lidge did close out the Rocks and also closed out the Dodgers in game one, but am I the only one who sees that Lidge is still getting hit hard when he is able to get a pitch near the strike zone??? I will repeat what I have said sonce July, the Phils can't win another world series with Lidge closing their games PERIOD