Thursday, October 1, 2009

NFL Week 4 Preview

Well week 4 of the NFL Season is upon us. For this preview post and future ones, I made a few structural changes. First, all the games will be discussed. Second, the games are sectioned off in a five-tier system as follows:

Tier 1: Cheesehead Tier (The Packers get top Priority
Tier 2: Games of the Week
Tier 3: Worth Checking out
Tier 4: Even Matchups Between Teams Going Nowhere
Tier 5: One-Sided Blowouts

Tier 1:
Packers 2-1 vs. Vikings 3-0

This game might be the last one played this week but not the least important. This will be Favre's first game against the team and fans that he back stabbed. It will definitely be different watching Favre play against the Packers. It will definitely be doubtful if ESPN will discuss anything else between now and Monday. It won't be interesting to see if ESPN can outdo themselves in Brett Favre coverage (SportsNation is attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the number of times Favre's name is dropped on a TV Program).

I thought I would have been numb to it by now but every time I see that player in a Vikings makes my blood boil (especially after ESPN was fawning over his "greatness" after the end of Sunday's Game).

The Packers counter with a much younger and much better quarterback in Aaron Rodgers. It will be interesting to see Rodgers totally outplay his predecessor.

Tier 2: Jets 3-0 vs. Saints 3-0

In the NFL teams unexpectedly move their way to the top each season and this year is no exception. The Jets were coming off the train wreck of the Favre/Mangini era and the controversial decision to give Mark Sanchez the starting job right off the bat. Well a few good weeks and a surprising win over the Patriots later and the Jets look like they could be contenders this year.

While the Saints were not a playoff team last year, their quick start is not as shocking. For them, they have Drew Brees as their starting quarterback. All questions about their defense aside, Brees is one of those QBs who can help a team overcome serious flaws.

Ravens 3-0 vs. Patriots 2-1

The Ravens have built off of last years momentum to start strong in '09. They have a good young qb in Joe Flacco (for the record I was skeptical on Flacco last year waiting for him to falter but hes proven me wrong).

The Patriots are in pretty good shape themselves. Sure, Brady hasn't quite gotten back in a groove yet but as he plays more this year the Patriots should start gelling as a team....winning some games before this happening is a strong sign.

Chargers 2-1 vs. Steelers 1-2

The Chargers look to be on track for another playoff appearance this year despite some questionable performances (almost losing to the Raiders).

I'm not quite sure what to make of the Steelers. Usually only the teams that LOSE the Super Bowl turn out uninspiring follow-ups. The Steelers need this game more since they need to wipe out the memory of losing to the Bengals.

Tier 3: Cowboys 2-1 vs. Broncos 3-0

Despite the strong records, i'm not particularly sold on either of these teams. Sure, the Cowboys have started strong and have their extravagant stadium.....but until Tony Romo can prove capable of playing as well in December/January as he does early in the looks like a wild-card loss is their ceiling.

The Broncos have got to be one of the weakest 3-0 teams in recent memory. They've squeaked out something last second versus the Bengals and got a gimme over the Raiders......I just can't take a team with Orton and QB the circus surrounding this team is bound to adversely affect their play sooner or later.

Lions 1-2 vs. Bears 2-1

This NFC North match-up got a bit more interesting in light of the Lions breaking into the win column. Can they carry this momentum over and start this new-fangled thing called a winning streak (the thing that happens when a team gets a win in two straight games).

As much as I don't want to admit it, it looks like the Bears will be battling with Green Bay and Minnesota for the NFC North title. As enjoyable as it was to see Cutler get picked off 4 times in a looks like hes found his groove and will make the Bears a force to be reckoned with.

Tier 4: Buccaneers 0-3 vs. Redskins 1-2

Well, the Raheem Morris era hasn't started out as planned in Tampa. They seem to have carried over their negative momentum from the end of last year and they look totally lost.

The Redskins are in a similar situation. They fell apart after a strong start in '08 and appear to be going nowhere fast. They barely beat an inept Rams team, they were the first team to lose to the Lions since '07 and their are rumors everywhere about when (not if) coach Jim Zorn is going to be fired.

Titans 0-3 vs. Jaguars 1-2

The Titans are the reverse of the Broncos where they are one of the more talented 0-3 teams in recent memory. They've lost all their games by 7 or less.......they seem to have the unluckiness that plagued the Packers last year..

Alright so the Jaguars actually won a game last week......I still don' think any higher of them and the Titans will likely win this game

Raiders 1-2 vs. Texans 1-2

Its tough to believe the Raiders actually played in a Super Bowl this decade....

The Texans found a way to lose to a bad Jags team last week. Still, they have Steve Slaton who is bound to break out with a big game against the Raiders...i'm not sold on the Texans but they'll at least get to 2-2

Bills 1-2 vs. Dolphins 0-3

Well the T.O. to Buffalo thing is going really well.......NOT....the Bills are quickly headed nowhere.

The Dolphins have failed to build momentum from last year's revival. Chad Pennington is out for the year and they're choices at QB are Chad Henne and Tyler Thigpen. They really should go with the triple-option or the wildcat full-time at this point. It will improve their offense and it will make the Quarterback more obscure than the 8-track.

Tier 5:

Bengals 2-1 vs. Browns 0-3

One part of me says the Bengals are going to have a bad season based on the last 20 years or so. Another part of me thinks the Bengals may be on to something after beating Green Bay and Pittsburgh. It's scary to think that there's a pretty good chance they could be 3-1 after this weekend.

The Browns are an absolute wreck. It's a pretty safe bet that after Mangini gets run, he won't be getting another head coaching gig 4 days later. I know Brady Quinn hasn't set the world on fire this year....but seriously Derek Anderson makes Quinn look like Joe Montana......he had A good season in '07 but Quinn is the future at QB for the Browns.....benching him in favor of someone who's struggled worse not only sabotages '09 for the sabotages the entire 2010s.

Seahawks 1-2 vs. Colts 3-0

The Seahawks aren't as big of a trainwreck as some of the other teams in this league but it feels like 8-8 is the ceiling for this squad.

For the Colts they do what they've always done...let that guy from the DirectTV commercials start an Quarterback and lead them to the playoffs......they'll be 4-0 after the weekend.

Rams 0-3 vs. 49ers 2-1

Kyle Boller at QB?? I'll wait a few minutes to give the NFLs defensive Quarterbacks laugh at all seriousness this team is bad enough to go 0-16.

The 49ers are one miracle pass away from being 3-0. Even without Frank Gore, Shaun Hill played a strong game and did his part......I've said it once , i'll say it again...Shaun Hill is a legit QB and one of the most dis-respected and underrated QBs in the league. Even if they played in a legit division and not the NFC West, they still would be legit contenders.

Giants 3-0 vs. Cheifs 0-3

The Giants seem headed for a deep playoff run.

The Chiefs on the other hand, are stuck with the albatross of Matt Cassel at QB....good luck unloading that massive salary.....good luck being a joke for the next 6+ years......good luck trying to keep this game within 30.

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