Thursday, October 29, 2009

Week 8 Preview

Another Thursday Night, another episode of Flash Forward, another Preview of the upcoming weekend of Football

Tier I: Cheesehead Tier

Packers 4-2 vs. Vikings 6-1

Well Brett Favre plays his first game at Lambeau against the Packers (in case you haven't heard). It does feel bizarre that the Packers are one half-of a match-up receiving Yankees-Red Sox caliber coverage. Its gotten so bizarre that FOX is going to have a camera on Brett Favre at all times (even when hes on the bench and not in the game)

For the game itself....this is more or less a must win for the Packers. Sure being 4-3 isn't going to be the end of the world but failing to salvage a split against the Vikings and going 0-2 against Favre will definitely put a damper on the season. The last time they played....a lot of things went wrong for the Pack and still the game was reasonably close. The Vikings have lost some mojo since then, the late-season Favre who throws dumb interceptions is emerging and Rodgers gets a win over his replacement.

Packers 35 Vikings 24

Tier II: Best Games of the week

Falcons 4-2 vs. Saints 6-0

A good Monday Night Match-up between two elite QBs in Matt Ryan and Drew Brees. The Falcons will put up a good fight but the Saints are pretty much having their way with the league right now.

Saints 45 Falcons 31

Giants 5-2 vs. Eagles 4-2

A battle for NFC East Supremacy. Both teams need a victory pretty bad right now as neither team is playing their best ball of the season. The Giants struggles carried over to the Arizona game while the Eagles look to win their 2nd straight. Wouldn't be surprised who won either way....personally, i'm picking the Giants

Giants 24 Eagles 21

Broncos 6-0 vs. Ravens 3-3

The Broncos are also undefeated but other than that, have very little in common with the Saints. I'm coming around to them as a playoff contender but they have a Ravens team coming up that is better than their 3-3 record indicates. The Ravens were an errant kick away from knocking the Vikings off their undefeated perch. The Ravens have the mix of talent and sense of urgency to pull an upset.

Ravens 20 Broncos 17

Tier III: Worth Checking Out

Dolphins 2-4 vs. Jets 4-3

The Dolphins are another team that I feel is better than their record indicates. Two of their losses have come to the 2 best teams thus far (Indy and New Orleans)...the Dolphins had chances to win both games that slipped through their fingers. I think they'll make a run and at least have a shot at the playoffs. The Jets on the other hand, have been going in the wrong direction since losing to the Saints. Mark Sanchez may be able to get away with slacking, eating a hot dog on the sideline against the Raiders but not against the D-Fish.

Dolphins 28 Jets 17

Tier IV: Close Games, Terrible Teams

Rams 0-7 vs. Lions 1-5

Wow...........worst.....match-up.......ever. Seriously these teams should be re-assigned to either the UFL or the AFL2..........or the Big 11 conference. Still someone has to win this game.

Rams 6 Lions 0

Jaguars 3-3 vs. Titans 0-6

The Jaguars are the anti-thesis of the Ravens as they are worse than their 3-3 record indicates. Considering that the Titans haven't announced their starter for Sunday, the Jags won't know exactly whats coming. The Titans break into the win column on Sunday.

Titans 21 Jaguars 14

Texans 4-3 vs. Bills 3-4

The Texans seem to have the Jekyl and Hyde thing down perfectly. They play terrible for a half, they play good for a half.....sometimes they win sometimes they don't. Thats more than what can be said about the Bills.

Texans 28 Bills 21

Tier V: Blow-Outs

Bears 3-3 vs. Browns 1-6

Granted the Bears have been down for the last couple of weeks. The Browns have been down for the last decade. Jay Cutler takes out the frustration of being beaten down by the Bengals.

Bears 38 Browns 7

49ers 3-3 vs. Colts 6-0

The 49ers come in with a myriad of questions at the QB Position. How long of a leash does Alex Smith get? Did he just get lucky last week.....or is he actually.........good?! Either way this weeks game won't be the best indicator as they run into a Colts team that has quietly run the table thus far.

Colts 42 49ers 17

Cowboys 4-2 vs. Seahawks 2-4

I had been on the fence with the Cowboys but after their strong performance against the Falcons...i'm sold on them for now (well until Romo goes into his December swoon). The Seahawks will be done way before then.

Cowboys 42 Seahawks 3

Panthers 2-4 vs. Cardinals 4-2

Jack Delhomme is still a starter? Theres no way his back-ups could do any worse. Worse yet, they play the same Cardinals team that was on the beginning end of Delhomme's interception binge.

Cardinals 45 Panthers 20

Raiders 2-5 vs. Chargers 3-3

The Raiders are coming off a blow-out loss to a mediocre Jets team. The Chargers haven't had the greatest year but they get another easy game against the Raiders.

Chargers 38 Raiders 10

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