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My Version Of What A 64-Team College Football Playoff Would Look Like

Ok....i've had this idea running around in my head for a couple of months but needed to let the College Football season to run its course. While much discussion about a future college football playoff revolves arouned 4/8/16 at most team playoffs if/when the BCS was to meet its demise (as far as I know Texas Tech coach Mike Leach is the only person to vouch for a 64-team playoff).

Something like this would be a boon to College Football. This would dwarf the effect that we see with the first weekend of College Basketball's NCAA Tournament. Also, I didn't realize it until I did the seedings but there are a lot of rivalries, bowl game rematches etc, during the course of the tournament (i.e. Notre Dame-USC, Alabama-Auburn, Wisconsin-Fresno State, Boise State-Oklahoma)

While this is a far from perfect system, anything is an improvement over having no playoff system at all. A few notes about the seedings before we move forward:

-The top seeds are reserved for Conference Winners (Independents Included), for the most part this leads to conventional seeding (Alabama, Texas, TCU and Cincinnati are 1-seeds), I also extended this to the weaker conferences in 1-A (this is why Central Michigan, Navy, East Carolina and Troy are 3-seeds and Teams such as Florida, LSU, Virginia Tech and USC are 4-seeds)

-For the At large teams, I looked up the Jeff Sagarin rankings to seed the teams. With this I let things fall as they may (in other words if two teams from the same conference ended up against each other, they stayed there). Before we get to the seedings, I'll list the teams that barely missed the cut:

Bowling Green
Northern Illinois

The following teams were ranked high enough to make the tournament but were disqualified due to a losing record

Mississippi State
Wake Forest
Arizona State
North Carolina State

And Now The Seedings:

Paterno Region:

(1) Alabama vs. (16) Iowa St.
(8) Georgia vs. (9) Auburn

(4) USC vs. (13) Notre Dame
(5) Miami-FL vs. (12) Rutgers)

(3) Central Michigan vs. (14) Central Florida
(6) Penn St. vs. (11) Kentucky)

(2) Ohio St. vs. (15) Minnesota
(7) Arizona vs. (10) Houston

Bowden Region

(1) Texas vs. (16) Middle Tennessee
(8) BYU vs. (9) Texas Tech

(4) LSU vs. (13) South Florida
(5) Oregon St. (12) Missouri

(3) Navy vs. (14) Michigan St.
(6) Iowa vs. (11) Boston College

(2) Georgia Tech vs. (15) Temple
(7) California vs. (10) Utah

Bryant Region

(1) TCU vs. (16) Ohio
(8) Tennessee vs. (9) Oklahoma State

(4) Virginia Tech vs. (13) Fresno State
(5) Arkansas vs. (12) Wisconsin

(3) East Carolina vs. (14) Texas A & M
(6) Clemson vs. (11) Connecticut

(2) Boise State vs. (15) Southern Mississippi
(7) Oklahoma vs. (10) South Carolina

Hayes Region

(1) Oregon vs. (16) Kansas State
(8) Nebraska vs. (9) West Virginia

(4) Florida vs. (13) Air Force
(5) Pittsburgh vs. (12) UCLA

(3) Troy vs. (14) Nevada
(6) Stanford vs. (11) Florida State

(2) Cincinnati vs. (15) Northwestern
(7) Mississippi vs. (10) North Carolina

Also, what self-respecting hypothetical 64 team Football Tournament Posting would this be without how I think these games would go down:

Paterno Region:

Alabama over Iowa State
Auburn over Georgia
USC over Notre Dame
Miami-FL over Rutgers
Central Michigan over Central Florida
Penn State over Kentucky
Houston over Arizona
Ohio State over Minnesota

Auburn over Alabama
Miami-FL over USC
Penn St. over Central Michigan
Houston over Ohio State

Miami-FL over Auburn
Penn St. over Houston

Penn St. over Miami-FL

Bowden Region:

Texas over Middle Tennessee
BYU over Texas Tech
LSU over South Florida
Oregon St. over Missouri
Navy over Michigan State
Iowa over Boston College
Utah over California
Georgia Tech over Temple

Texas over BYU
LSU over Oregon State
Iowa over Navy
Georgia Tech over Utah

Texas over LSU
Georgia Tech over Iowa

Texas over Georgia Tech

Bryant Region:

TCU over Ohio
Oklahoma State over Tennessee
Fresno State over Virginia Tech
Wisconsin over Arkansas
East Carolina over Texas A & M
Clemson over Connecticut
Oklahoma over South Carolina
Boise State over Southern Mississippi

TCU over Oklahoma State
Wisconsin over Fresno State
Clemson over East Carolina
Boise State over Oklahoma

TCU over Wisconsin
Boise State over Oklahoma

TCU over Boise State

Hayes Region:

Oregon over Kansas State
Nebraska over West Virginia
Florida over Air Force
Pittsburgh over UCLA
Nevada over Troy
Stanford over Florida State
Mississippi over North Carolina
Cincinnati over Northwestern

Nebraska over Oregon
Florida over Pittsburgh
Nevada over Stanford
Cincinnati over Mississippi

Florida over Nebraska
Cincinnati over Nevada

Cincinnati over Florida

Final Four:

Cincinnati over Penn State
Texas over TCU


Texas over Cincinnati

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