Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 16 Preview.....Where I fight the TMZination of the Sports world by actually discussing the games ON the field

Well, time for the Week 16 Preview.......Let The Game Begin

Tier I Packers Game:

Packers 9-5 vs. Seahawks 5-9

The Packers come into this week with a bit more pressure on them to win than they had last week. Granted the choke against Pittsburgh and the Giants blowout win over the Redskins didn’t help but the Packers still have control over their own destiny. The defense was an epic fail last week as they seemed to have channeled their 2008 defense.

Speaking of epic fails, the Packers face a Seahawks team going nowhere for the second straight year. The last time these teams played in a game of any consequence was so long ago that Brett Favre was still a Packer and he had 0 career retirements. Oh wait, that was like only two years ago. The Packers won that game handily. Considering that the Packers dropped that zero and have gotten with a hero at QB since the Pack wins this in a laugher.

Packers 49 Seahawks 17

Tier II A: Playoff Implications (NFC Version)

Giants 8-6 vs. Panthers 6-8

The Giants may not be natural rivals but as a Packers fan, they have been a thorn in my side two of the last three seasons. The only thing separating the Packers from playoffs in ’06 was the Giants winning the last game because Tiki Barber rushed for like a million yards. Then there was the ’07 NFC Championship game where Favre handed the Giants the game on a silver platter.

The Panthers season was an epic fail but they have high spoiler potential. They get bonus points from me for schooling the Vikings on National TV. Things haven’t gone well for them this year but they have a chance to do at least something great by helping the Giants not make the playoffs.

Panthers 34 Giants 28

Cowboys 9-5 vs. Redskins 4-10

Got to hand it to the Cowboys, they came up with a big win in December against a really good New Orleans team (Disclaimer: The did almost blow a 21-point lead, their kicker pulled a Mason Crosby and missed a late field goal and the Saints were knocking on the door but they still had more points than the other team at the end of the game). I was hoping the Redskins could channel their rivalry and a national stage against the Giants. (However that worked out about as well as signing Jason Kendall to a two year contract and/or trading Carlos Silva Straight up for Milton Bradley)(Seriously, this is going to go down as one of the more lopsided trades in recent memory). Back to my original point, Romo’s propensity for choking didn’t magically disappear but we’re talking about the Redskins here.

Cowboys 28 Redskins 3

Tier II B: The 7-7 AFC Tier

Chargers 11-3 vs. Titans 7-7

By far the most interesting of the games involving a member of the double 7 club. An epic Christmas Night match-up between two of the hottest teams in the NFL. Its become a holiday tradition for the Chargers to not lose in December and 2009 is no exception. The Titans have a dream. It is a fairly epic dream. It is a dream that ends by running into the buzz-saw that is the San Diego Chargers. Better luck next year.

Chargers 21 Titans 14

Texans 7-7 vs. Dolphins 7-7

Two teams that really should not have 7 losses to this point. The Texans are a team content with having a strong offense, no D and an apparent inability to break .500….ever. The Dolphins have overcome the loss of their original starting QB, the loss of Ronnie Brown but in return have received a vintage year out of Ricky Williams. If a few more things went their way they could easily be at 9 or 10 wins by now. Not sure if the Dolphins can break into the playoff picture, but I like their chances better than Houston.

Dolphins 31 Texans 21

Jaguars 7-7 vs. Patriots 9-5

How the Jaguars even won 7 games is beyond me. This team fails to inspire on all levels. The Patriots are looking to lock up the AFC East and they have a fairly weak hurdle to get over to do this.

Patriots 35 Jaguars 21

Ravens 8-6 vs. Steelers 7-7

Ravens control their own destiny. They were also courteous enough to not win at Lambeau. Not going to hide it, I have my biases and I’m picking against the Steelers out of spite.

Ravens 21 Steelers 14

Jets 7-7 vs. Colts 14-0

If it weren’t for Jacksonville, the Jets would be the worst of the double 7 club and the funky bunch. They’ve lost 7 of their last 11 and going up against a team that hasn’t lost all year. The Colts may be going through the motions at this point, but they’ll be with it just enough to ruin another mediocre teams playoff hopes.

Colts 28 Jets 21

Tier III: Other Interesting Games

Broncos 8-6 vs. Eagles 10-4

A Broncos loss could further convolute the AFC Playoff Picture. College Football could take a valuable lesson from this, teams fighting for playoff spots (even if many of them are not that good) makes for much more captivating football than the current 34 bowl games, 33 of which are irrelevant. The Eagles have taken control of the NFC East and will be looking to get closer to putting it on lockdown. I’m looking ahead to an 8-7 tier in next week’s preview (likely to involve Denver)

Eagles 24 Broncos 14

Tier IV: Close Games, Bad Teams

Bills 5-9 vs. Falcons 7-7

I hear Buffalo is lovely this time of year. This years Bills team, not so much. What do the Falcons and my fantasy team have in common? Turner’s injuries seriously endangered (and eventually killed their respective playoff hopes). Like the Steelers, the Falcons get picked to lose out of vengeance.

Bills 10 Falcons 0

Raiders 5-9 vs. Browns 3-11

This game is the NFL Week 16 equivalent to a lump of coal. These two teams are the walking definition of unwatchable. When 5-9 is a pleasant surprise, things are not right. On the bright side for the Browns, they do have Holmgren and thus some hope for the future (one unlikely to involve Mangini). This inspires the Browns to victory in the Lump of Coal Bowl.

Browns 7 Raiders 3

Lions 2-12 vs. 49ers 6-8

On the bright side, the Lions won 2 more games than they did last year. The 49ers I have determined are the NFC version of the Texans. They have the talent to have a better record but still manage to regress to an average to below average team. Not sure whether the good or bad Niners team shows up Sunday but after that travesty against the Eagles, I’m not ready to give any benefit of the doubt.

49ers 13 Lions 3

Tier V: The Blowouts

Chiefs 3-11 vs. Bengals 9-5

The Chiefs have nothing to play for and are going nowhere. The Bengals have a lot to play for in the aftermath of Chris Henry’s death. Even though they lost Sunday, there is no shame in losing a close game to San Diego. Also, they are on the verge of clinching a playoff spot which they do Sunday, with authority.

Bengals 31 Chiefs 10

Buccaneers 2-12 vs. Saints 13-1

The Saints lost their first game on Saturday and someone is going to feel the wrath of it. I’m not Nostradamus but I’m predicting that said wrath will be taken out on a team that has won twice all year.

Saints 49 Buccaneers 14

Rams 1-13 Cardinals 9-5

Cardinals have the West locked up. Not sure who the Cardinals back-ups are but I’m pretty sure they are good enough to win more than once a year.

Cardinals 35 Rams 10

Vikings 11-3 Bears 5-9

Let the Favre soap opera begin………over-riding “coach” Childress’s attempted benching. Playing a clunker game against the Panthers. Still, they are playing the Bears who have Jay Cutler who is a younger, less talented version of Favre. The Vikings ship is definitely sinking but going up against Cutler they get one more lopsided win before the real fun (and by fun I mean Favre throwing for 5 interceptions in a blowout loss to a yet to be determined NFC team in the first or second round) begins.

Vikings 28 Bears 10

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