Monday, December 28, 2009

NBA Preview: Seriously, Is Anyone Watchin on New Years Eve?

Well, we are coming towards the end of 2009. December has been a pretty weird month. I've been sidetracked by the holiday, my new toy (PS3), Season 3 of Heroes. Things will get back to a normal pace after the new year...etcetera, etcetera , etcetera....

Anyways, a pretty lite slate of NBA Action on the tube this week. A couple New Years Eve Games on TNT and thats it.

2-76ers vs. Clippers --Thursday TNT

So the 76ers weren't expected to be this bad, but they at least were expected to be average. Sadly enough, the Clippers are having a better year. Honestly, I ain't watching either of these games since its New Years Eve and I prolly won't be focused on whats on TV but even with the fantasy implications in it for me (Kaman and Iguodala)....still not enough incentive to see a couple future lottery teams.

1- Heat vs. Spurs --Thursday TNT

Not the most interesting match-up but its at least not as dreadful as the other match-up. At least these are teams that we know are likely going to the post-season. The Miami Wades are on a crash course for another 45-win season and an early playoff exit. The Spurs are going through the motions probably not going to peak until March but still win 55 games and be a legitimate threat in the playoffs. In other words, don't expect to see either team play a great game.

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