Monday, December 7, 2009

Partial Game Blog: Packers/Ravens

Alright, so the Packers and Ravens are playing the Monday Night game this week. I was going to do a blog for the whole game but opted for going to the gym instead and didn't get home until late in the second Quarter. I still managed to watch a good portion of the game (it was on a couple of tvs at the gym) far i'm happy with what I see, Rodgers looks like he is getting into a rhythm and they've prevented the Ravens from doing anything on offense.

7:26 Didn't know it until the broadcast team mentioned it: This is the First Monday Night Game in December at Lambeau....Find it mildly surprising, it seems like something that would happen more often since the Packers get at least a couple Monday Night Games a Year.....well stranger things have happened

7:28 First play of the second half sees the Baltimore running game going nowhere...they get nothing and they like it

7:28 It seems like Flacco is on the run more often than not....he's been good at not getting sacked but also not doing much beyond that

7:30 Another backing assertion of the Henry Blanco theory....if your a catcher you can still find work somewhere. The Royals interested in Jason Kendall, I wonder how this could go wrong? No wonder why the Royals are always terrible, this is a match in ineptitude heaven

7:32 Speaking of inept offenses, the Ravens just punted Packers ball, 17-0 Pack with 12 minutes left in the third

7:33 Don't do it Brian!!!! I thought he didn't want to talk about interviewing for Notre Dame..and now he's going in got a few choices....stay in Cincy where you have a chance to win...wait for a better job to open up......go to the coaching vortex that is Notre Dame and see your coaching reputation tarnished

7:37 Aaron Rodgers takes forever to get rid of ball but gets bailed out on a Baltimore penalty

7:39 Rodgers attempts to go to Driver for a pass...Ravens pass interference penalty....third straight play with a penalty...(2 on Baltimore 1 on GB).....does this streak extend to 4?

7:40 No....just a run of the mill incomplete pass

7:42 What started as a 3rd and 6 conversion turns into a Driver fumble....Ravens ball 17-0 Pack 8 minutes left in the 3rd

7:43 ESPN showing back-to-back commercials that I hate a) standard credit card relief that is obvious a scam and that EdConnect college commercial .....i wonder if anyone has noticed that every time the online college commercial shows that the web address that they list is different every back to the game

7:46 Ravens may be getting something together...they've driven to the Green Bay 32

7:48 Packers dodge a bullet as Todd Heap drops a pass inside the Packers 10 followed immediately to a shot of John Harbaugh grimacing on the sideline

7:49 Flacco converts on 3rd and 10.....Heap picks up the Woodson blitz...ball at the Green Bay `5

7:51 Flacco converts on another third down......thats 3 third downs they fail to stop the Ravens on.....Packers are challenging the touchdown...we'll see what happens.....after the commercials

7:55 Challenge was an epic fail...17-7 Packers 3:28 left in third well if its any consolation Baltimore's attempt at a lambeau leap was also an epic fail

7:58 Second straight epic fail averted: Ravens kick it Dietrich-Smith...fumbles it recovered by Pack

7:59 Intercepted off the foot of Driver....Packers need to get better at closing out opponents....this is not looking good

8:02 Flacco goes for the long ball......Williams called for interference...ball at Green Baym 2

8:04 McGahee gets in for the score 17-14 if the Packers could NOT TURN THE BALL OVER EVERY PLAY...that would be cool.....two TDs in 30 seconds.....

8:06 Well at least the Packers didn't fumble the psuedo-onside kick

8:07 Congratulations managed to get through a play on offense without committing a do it again

8:07 Now the next step is NOT letting the ball slip through your hands

8:08 Rodgers to Jennings on 3rd and 10 going into Baltimore territory...the Packers needed that in the worst the next step is to score a touchdown and put away the game

8:10 Looked like Ray Lewis was trying to take off Greg Jennings' head there...15 yards closer to the end zone.

8:11 Eeeeesshhhh.....both teams have 8 penalties and we aren't even out of the 3rd quarter....I could see this if this was the Lions and Rams....but between two legitimate playoff bueno

8:12 And on cue, the Packers are the first to 9 penalties

8:13 The end of a 3rd quarter that I would not like to see repeated any time soon...3 rd and 14 Packers ball...17-14 Packers

8:15 Just showed a promo for the last season of LOST......I can't wait to find out how it ends
but sad that there will be no more LOST after 2010

8:16 Crosby coming in for field goal attempt.....wide right...epic fail....Packers up by 3 but it feels like they're down by 3 TDs......time to cue the YouTube clip of Jim Mora talking about the playoffs

8:19 Packers need to step up on D here.....3 rd and 17.......turning that 3rd down into a 4th is crucial here

8:20 Offensive pass interference...3rd and 27.....negating 47 yard pass...with a side of unsportsmanlike conduct...3rd and 32

8:22 "interesting" decision to run on 3rd and 32...glad its not the Packers doing that...

8:23 Packers have ball with pretty good field position

8:26 For what its worth the Ravens are now the first team since '01 Giants to commit 5 pass interference penalties in a game.......Packers moving towards redemption.....just moved into the red zone

8:28 Rodgers to Finley....TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!...24-14 Packers 10:31 left

8:31 Well, we just had our mandatory Packers special teams malfunction....ball at Packers 26...way to build on momentum from TD.....NOT

8:33 Deja-Vu: Another Pass Interference moving ball to the more pass interference penalty and the Packers join the Ravens at 5 interference penalties in a single game

8:34 Flacco gets away with delay of game....So now its legal if you call a time out two seconds after play clock runs down?.....Interesting

8:37 Flacco avoids the sack...only to get PICKED OFF BY WILLIAMS IN THE END ZONE!!!!!!!!!

8:40 A couple straight running plays gets us to 3 rd and 3.......pass play fails...3 and out....Packers punting with 7:12 left

8:41 On the bright side, the Packers avoid another special teams breakdown...Ravens have ball on own 26

8:42 Flacco's turn to turn the ball over two plays in a row....Hawk comes up with a big INT

8:43 Defense is back in a rhythm....good to see Ahman Green get a chance to carry the ball

8:44 Green gets the First Down.....In the words of the broadcast team "old school green bay football" the sound of those words

8:46 Anytime the broadcast team is gushing about the's a good thing...pretty impressive line of wideouts, Sharpe, Brooks, Freeman, Driver and Jennings...

8:48 In all fairness....its more a result of Gruden reminiscing about his time on the Packers coaching staff in the early-90s

8:52 Two minutes left...Crosby lining up for another field goal attempt...this time its good 27-14 Packers with 1:56 left

8:53 ESPN graphics sometimes make me smarter.....this time is one of those cases.....4th 300-yard (combined penalty) game in NFL history first since of the games at Fenway, another at Wrigley.......I almost feel like i'm witnessing part of history.......seriously the last time this happened I wasn't even born

8:57 Ravens in Packers territory...not showing much urgency

8:58 wow Baltimore has an easy schedule coming up....Chicago, Detroit, Oakland.....

8:59 As for Green Bay.....playing the Bears next week...always an intense match-up...the Bears may be terrible this year (5-7) but for Packers-Bears games, always intense regardless of the standings.

9:00 310 penalty yards!! Now tied for 2nd Most in NFL History.....lets go for the gauntlet and break this record

9:01 Clay Matthews finishes of Flacco and co with a sack on 4th and 3.....Matthews has had an epic rookie year....this kid is going to be a star

9:02 Game Over......Packers 27 Ravens 14.......The Packers cut it close with a bad 30 second stretch in the 3rd....but I was impressed with how the defense stepped up to snuff the Ravens comeback attempt and most importantly neutralize the special teams breakdown after Finley's TD.......

That's 4 in a row for the Pack..........Let's stretch this streak to 5 against the Bears on Sunday

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