Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tiger-Less Week 13 Preview's almost Thursday which means its time to preview another slate of games. In the background for's seeing if Wisconsin can hold on to beat the Duke Vitales in the Big 11/ACC Challenge....but enough about basketball.....time for some football

Tier I: Cheese Head Tier

Ravens 6-5 vs. Packers 7-4

Good to see the Packers make another appearance on Monday Night. On the bright side there is no way it could go worse than the last time they played in 2005.....i'll give you a few moments to gasp in shock.

48-3???? Kyle Boller dominant? No wonder they went 4-12 that year. Anyways it's 2009 the Ravens have a better QB (Flacco) but the Packers have a better defense than in '05 and a better team overall. The Ravens are fighting for their playoff lives, the Packers currently control their wild-card destiny and a talented QB (Rodgers) looking for his first shot at playoff action.....the Packers have rebounded nicely since losing in Tampa. Win streak extends to 4.

Packers 28 Ravens 21

Tier II: Best Games of the Week:

Vikings 10-1 vs. Cardinals 7-4

Brett Favre has come back strong from his second career retirement. Both him and the Vikings find ways to not make the Super Bowl. The Cardinals are coming off a tough loss to the Titans and have their division lead down to 2 games. In other words, the Cardinals actually have some motivation to win this game.

Cardinals 38 Vikings 35

Cowboys 8-3 vs. Giants 6-5

Bitter NFC rivals facing off here. The Cowboys are looking to extend their NFC East lead. The Giants are fighting to keep their heads above water. The Cowboys look ready and willing to strike another blow to the Giants playoff hopes.

Cowboys 21 Giants 10

Titans 5-6 vs. Colts 11-0

The Titans coming off a thrilling win over the Cardinals.....looking to become the greatest 0-6 starting team ever. The Colts looking to get one win closer to running the table. Peyton Manning has a big game to get my fantasy team in the playoffs......Titans see their winning streak end.

Colts 35 Titans 21

Tier III: Worth Checking Out

Eagles 7-4 vs. Falcons 6-5

An early battle for Wild Card positioning. Eagles currently control their destiny as they have the other NFC Wild Card spot. A Falcons win would guarantee a two way tie for the last spot (possibly more depending on the outcome of other games). Needing Turner to step up (assuming he's healthy......or Jason Snelling.....) This game could go either way and I have no Eagles on my team.

Falcons 17 Eagles 10

Patriots 7-4 vs. Dolphins 5-6

This one will be a battle for who bounces back the best after a bad loss. The Patriots failed to make the most of their second chance to upset an undefeated team as Drew Brees had their way with the Patriots D. The Dolphins lost to the Bills....nuff said. The motivation/anger factor is cancelled out so it comes down to matter of talent. Pats take this one.

Patriots 31 Dolphins 14

Broncos 7-4 vs. Chiefs 3-8

Bitter rivalry game. I'm not dumb enough to think the Chiefs will pull the upset but I have a gut feeling this game will be closer than it should be.

Broncos 21 Chiefs 13

Texans 5-6 vs. Jaguars 6-5

A match-up between two teams in NFL limbo. These teams haven't seemed to get too hot or too cold this season. Texans win this one to get back to .500 for like the 200th time this year.

Texans 28 Jaguars 24

Tier IV: Close Games, Bad Teams

Jets 5-6 vs. Bills 4-7

Good News Toronto! You get to host a real-life NFL Game. Bad News Toronto! That game is between the Jets and the Bills. I probably wouldn't watch this game even if I had NFL network.

Bills 10 Jets 3

Buccaneers 1-10 vs. Panthers 4-7

The Buccaneers surprised more than a few folks by picking Josh Freeman in the First Round. It turns out they knew what they were doing (in this case). Unfortunately for them, just about everything else has gone wrong. The Panthers are a train wreck, look to be going nowhere fast and going through the motions.

Buccaneers 21 Panthers 10

Rams 1-10 vs. Bears 4-7

Oh my! Two 1-10/4-7 match-ups in the same week.....I can barely contain my excitement......look for Jay Cutler to throw for a couple of touchdowns on the Rams

Rams 24 Bears 13

Tier V: The Blowouts

Lions 2-9 vs. Bengals 8-3

I'd like to thank the Lions for losing to the Packers by 22 on Thanksgiving........I'm not sure what was worse for them......the game or Frank Caliendo picking them to win.......The Bengals don't have the best track record against terrible teams losing to the Raiders and they didn't exactly dominate Cleveland......still this is the Lions we are talking about

Bengals 28 Lions 7

Raiders 3-8 vs. Steelers 6-5

There was a time and place where this would of been the best game of the week....that time and place was the 1970s.......The Raiders are their usual horrible selves.....the Steelers haven't exactly had the best follow-up to their Super Bowl title.......not too high on the Steelers but c'mon they are playing the Raiders

Steelers 31 Raiders 10

Saints 11-0 vs. Redskins 3-8

One side of me says that after the Saints disposed of the Patriots that they would put up video game numbers against the Redskins. The other side of me says this team plays down to its competition so much that they almost lost to the Rams. Still, New Orleans has too much talent and the Redskins have nothing to play for.

Saints 42 Redskins 10

Chargers 8-3 vs. Browns 1-10

Chargers are the hottest team in the NFL right now........the Browns have Eric Mangini as a head coach.....nuff said

Chargers 35 Browns 14

49ers 5-6 vs. Seahawks 4-7

On paper this is more of a Tier IV match-up but the 49ers look like they might have something good going with Alex Smith. That's more than what I can say about the Hawks.

49ers 28 Seahawks 0

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