Sunday, January 10, 2010

Game Blog: Packers/Cardinals: First Half

With 3 of the 4 First-Round Playoff Games in the books we are down to the last but not least of the games. Of course I am talking about today's Packers-Cardinals Wild Card tilt. One of 3 re-matches from Week 17. It's pretty safe to say that the Cardinals are actually going to start their first string this week. Also, this being Aaron Rodgers' playoff debut, it should be pretty epic to see how he holds up in this level of play.

1:32 It looks like the Cardinals have a disadvantage on a fire-power level as Boldin was ruled out for today's game

1:33 Lovely, Joe Buck is calling the game. Let the cliches begin

1:35 They showed a commercial about Concussion symptoms a few minutes ago and gave some general advice about precautions so on and so forth.....nothing about not putting someone in a shed/exercise room/whatever actually happened for a few hours..........still doesn't change the fact that Mike Leach lost his job because he angered the son of Craig James.......

1:38 Looks like the Reds signed Cuban mega-prospect Aroldis Chapman to a 5-year deal. This sorta surprises me a bit....I thought he would have gone to New York or Boston. This could make things tighter in the NL Central. Wouldn't be shocked to see the Reds contend in '10. Cardinals are definitely in the drivers seat but if enough things break right for Milwaukee, Chicago or Cincinnati we could have a multi-team race.

1:40 Enough about Aroldis and Mike Leach, it's game time. Packers won the toss, have the ball and time for them to begin their first drive.

1:42 Ouch, that did not start well. Rodgers tries throwing under pressure. Fail! Interception. Arizona ball at Green Bay 40

1:44 Cardinals get 13 yards on a 3rd and 8....not looking good early....and I wrote that before Wells got the Cardinals in the red zone.

1:46 Hearing that Arizona is also the leagues best Red Zone team doesn't make me feel any better about the game situation right now.

1:47 Ball inside the Green Bay 1.....would be a good time for a Goal Line stand.

1:48 Or not.....touchdown Cardinals...4th post-season TD for Hightower....7-0 Cardinals

1:51 Packers offense gets a chance to make things right and tie the game. Jordy tries ( and fails) about five times to get beyond the 20.

1:54 No way that just happened. Driver makes the catch only to get it stripped out by Dansby. I don't think this game could get any worse (outside of Tebow taking the field for the Cardinals)...2 turnovers in 5 that has us pacing at 24 turnovers......Fail

1:56 Warner to Doucet for a touchdown. If the Packers were actually attempting to stop him, it wasn't very obvious.

1:58 On the bright side, the last time the Packers gave up 2 quick touchdowns to start the game, all they did was completely dominate the rest of the game in a rout. Then again, that was against Seattle.

1:59 Dear Packers, Can you please go more than two plays without turning the ball over and not play like you are the Detroit Lions. That would be awesome

2:00 Terrible return + terrible penalty= Ball at own 8. Fail

2:03 Home run ball attempt overthrown by 10+ yards. Fail

2:04 Not the best time to have your first time of being down 14.. Can't even get a punt off without committing a penalty. Sadly, the punt somehow an improvement over the first two possessions.

2:08 A sign that things aren't going good: Someone already posted on my Facebook wall poor poor GB.....,.,.

2:09 I thought things may have turned around after Matthews forced a fumble for a five yard loss...Than the last couple plays happened convincing me that the only good play was an illusion.

2:12 Third and goal for the Cards...the Packers D made a good play....all i'm hoping for at this point is to slow the bleeding

2:13 So we'll only be down 17 instead of 21.....things are looking as bleak as possible

2:15 Even worse, a Packers loss proves Frank Caliendo right....that makes the world horribly wrong (and a lot less funnier)

2:16 The Packers ineptitude is apparently being shared by FOX. They erroneously said the Packers hadn't trailed by 14 this year when they were down 24-3 on 11/1.

2:17 Troy Aikman just said the Packers aren't off to a great start. In other news all days end in Y.

2:19 Glad to see American Idol is around to make sure 2010s music is even more atrocious and unlistenable as 2000s music.

2:21 10 plays and 13 yards that's like almost a yard and a half per play.

2:21 Rodgers connects to Jennings on 3rd and 9 , there may be a pulse after all.

2:22 Joe Buck just said that Rodgers buys time. I'm curious where I can buy said time and how much it costs. I could always use a few extra hours in my day.

2:22 All that momentum, just so we can get back to a 3rd and 11: And threw it about 5 yards to high to a wide open Jones. Fail

2:23 Crosby misses a field goal. I'm shocked. Wait no i'm not. Had the distance but it was wide right. Passes for a good Scott Norwood impersonation but not to get the Packers back in the game.

2:26 Arizona ball at their own 45.......No bueno

2:27 That didn't end well. Pickett strips the ball from Hightower, the refs don't notice said strip happens, the Packers don't challenge the Cardinals go on to gain 27 on the next play. Fail

2:28 Clay Matthews has stepped up all year recovers the fumble that Woodson caused. Now we need Rodgers to make the most of this chance.

2:31 One hour in and for the first time I feel good about how things are unraveling. Grant finds a hole in the D gets it inside the 10. Time to punch it in.

2:32 Rodgers sacked....3rd and long....Rodgers is a beast on 3rd down so TD hopes are still alive.

2:33 Incomplete to Driver but pass interference on the Cards. A new fresh set of downs. Lets make most of second chance.

2:36 Rodgers scores on the QB sneak. TOUCHDOWN PACKERS!!!! 17-7 Cardinals

2:38 Lets see if the Packers D can keep the momentum from the last score going

2:42 Arizona movin the ball again' still in own territory time to right the ship but not looking good.

2:46 Wells runs it into Green Bay territory with little to no resistance from the Packers D

2:47 I like the fact that the Packers are trying to strip the ball on just about every play but when they gain an extra five yards because they are less focused on tackling, doesn't inspire confidence.

2:49 Doucet gets in the end he uses the Packers D as human pinballs and gets the momentum to get in the end zone.

2:51 FOX advertising for some Simpson's 20th anniversary stuff with Coldplay's "Yellow" in the background. On a scale of 1 to 10 the creepiness is about 8.

2:53 Jordy fumbles the kick return....Giordano injures himself saving the Packers from another crippling turnover. So even when a disaster is averted, it comes with a price. Ouch

2:55 According to the broadcast team, the Packers need points. Another pressing need (for me) is for those AT&T commercials featuring Luke Wilson to go away.

2:57 Speaking of commercials seen one time to many (even if it was once)...the GMC engineered to win commercial that was spouting about the Vikings greatness and them coming together as a team.....and James Jones catching passes when he is wide open

2:59 One of the better plays of the day, Rodgers dodges to avoid sack throws it downfield, Finley gets 44 yards. Follow up by getting it inside the 10. So far, strong bounce back from last Arizona TD.

3:00 FOX resolves their technical difficulties just in time for Rodgers to call a time-out.

3:01 Rodgers with a 50.0 passer rating up to now. Not as bad as Jamarcus Russell but not that much better either.

3:05 The first half comes to a merciful end. Packers get it down to a 2 possession game--24-10 Cardinals

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