Monday, January 4, 2010

NBA For The First Week Of The Decade

Well, the Holiday Season has officially come to an end. Haven't followed College Basketball very much this season but saw parts of a couple games at the gym that caught my interest. The first one was the Pitt-Cincy game. In light of friday's event, it's not a shock that Cincinnati lost (at least it was close it wasn't too much of a fale....with the exception of some horrible shot selection at the buzzer....and thankfully Tim Tebow the warrior was nowhere to be found). The other game they showed parts of was some bonus coverage from EspnU.....UNC got upset by College of if we can get some of those upsets in March as well.

Well enough of my College Basketball soapbox, time to focus attention towards the NBA games getting national love this week.

4- Lakers vs. Clippers Wednesday ESPN

Battle of LA. Not as exciting as it sounds. If it's baseball (Dodgers vs. Angels) that would be a good game, college football (USC vs. UCLA) it depends on the year (and usually how much USC is violating NCAA Sanctions) NFL (um nevermind) NBA ( you get an unlikable great team with an unlikable star in Kobe and a team that's played second fiddle....never has and never will be great......pass)

3- Celtics vs. Hawks Friday ESPN

A case could be made for any of the games (except the "battle of LA"), the Celtics are doing their part by having the second seed and putting things in a comfortable cruise control until the playoffs. The Hawks while still playing well, have faded from their quick start and look to be settling into a 4-seed and a probable second round exit. Wake me in

2-Cavs vs. Blazers Sunday ESPN

For how much talk there has been about the Cavs struggling this year and the offense slowing down, you would think they would have a record worse than 27-9 and not be the #1 seed. It would be scary to see how good they are at their peak. The Blazers may not be the most interesting team, their players that haven't been lost for the season may not be household names but they somehow have the #3 seed in the east. Not sure how long they can hold on to their seed and it is scary how good they would be at full health.

1-Cavs vs. Nuggets Friday ESPN

Gets the nod because of the LeBron vs. Carmelo match-up. While the Nuggets have the lowest conference seed in these games (sans the Clippers) the individual match-up here is tough to beat.

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