Saturday, January 23, 2010

NFL Championship Game Preview: ABF--Anyone But Favre

Well, here we are. One Afternoon of football away from figuring out who will be playing on football's biggest stage.

Jets vs. Colts

The Jets are definitely the surprise team of the playoffs. I keep picking them to lose. However, they keep winning. The have a coach who is on the complete opposite of the Subway diet (Rex Ryan), they have a rookie quarterback who didn't exactly light the world on fire (Mark Sanchez). They almost didn't even make the playoffs.

The Colts have been the dominant AFC team this year. If they would have gone for perfection and not let Curtis Painter play a half against the Jets, the playoff structure would look much different and the Jets wouldn't even be here. Originally, I thought bad karma would catch up to the Colts here and they would lose the AFC Championship game. That was assuming San Diego won their match-up against the Jets. While Peyton Manning isn't mister big game, his superior skill and extensive playoff experience should be enough to get past a Jets team that hasn't been this far in over a decade.

Colts 31 Jets 10

Saints vs. Vikings

Should be the more interesting of the two games. The Saints are looking to get to their first Super Bowl..........ever. The last time the Saints were in the NFC Championship Game they got clobbered by the Bears. Three years later and they get another chance against another team that I despise (Vikings) and their starting QB who has gone from my favorite player to least favorite player in two short and tumultuous years. While the spot for my favorite NFL team will NEVER be up for grabs, the Saints have a chance to be my second favorite team by bringing the Vikings season to a bitter end.

The last time Brett Favre got this far in the playoffs, the Packers had every chance to win but ultimately failed when a threw an interception RIGHT AT a second string player from the Giants. Point being Brett Favre has been the opposite of clutch for the past 12+ years. That and the Vikings always find ways to not win games, Saints in a rout.

Saints 56 Vikings 10

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