Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Tebow Game, The Kings Games and New Years

I definitely gotta say that the past weekend I have had is one of THE MOST FUN WEEKENDS i've had in forever. Normally, I wouldn't blog about my own personal antics but with a couple of the days events cross-breeding with sports I just can't help it.

After a night in San Luis Obispo and spending New Year's Eve in Santa Barbara and a quick pit stop at home to pick up a few things, it was time to roll up to The City. We headed up there with Flip and Griff and headed towards my buddy J.J's place up in Daly City (apparently this place was named after someone named John Daly. After going to Wikipedia, I was highly disappointed that it was named after someone else and not the infamous golfer). Since this was New Year's Day, much of the conversation on the way up revolved around the college football bowl games and our intent on watching the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl once we got up to the City.

We get to The City at around 3 and decide to find a bar to watch the rest of the Rose Bowl at. Despite me being completely sure that Ohio State would find a way to lose, they somehow found a way to beat Oregon and thus depriving me of one of my favorite New Year's traditions. Once this game wound down we were discussing what to do next and somehow the conversation turned to the media's obsession with Tim Tebow. Somehow the idea came up to go back to J.J's place and play a Tim Tebow related drinking game. At this point, we went to the liquor store across the street got a bottle of Jameson and a bottle of Crown Royal and headed back to J.J's place.


So we get back to J.J's place and we decide that the rules of the game are every time Tebow is mentioned we take a drink. With no beer in the apartment and only hard liquor this translated into a shot every time Tebow's name is mentioned. Yes, this was every bit as dangerous and irresponsible as it sounds. We started this game with 9 minutes left in the second quarter, the first bottle of Jameson was gone with 6 minutes left in the second quarter. While that may be only 15 minutes in real time this translated into one of the longest quarters of football ever.

So this takes us to about 6:30. Honestly, I don't remember much of the second half. I remember the shots of Tebow on the headset with the defense on the field (so does he double as the defensive coordinator?) and at one point it appeared the score at the top they replaced Florida with Tebow. Even though we watched the whole game I didn't even know that that Cincinnati scored a couple of garbage time touchdowns to make it 51 to 24.

So, the next morning we wake up. All of are horribly hungover and watch some more football while we decide when exactly to head up to Davis/Sacramento. We watched parts of The International Bowl (a.k.a Missed Tackle Bowl), the Cotton Bowl and some other bowl game that was laden with 3 and outs and turnovers (the only truly good play out of this bumper crop was that one-handed catch made by the UConn wide receiver.

So, after surviving the Tebow game it was time to head east on I-80 it was time to spend a few hours at Arco Arena. First, I stopped in Davis for a couple hours, met up with my buddy Nate and eventually headed to Arco. I was definitely pumped up to see a Kings game. Even though i'm not a Kings fan, they have been one of the more interesting teams to follow this year. It looks like they are on the way back up after their travesty of a season last year. Getting Tyreke Evans was huge for them.

Anyways we get to our seats, and begin to watch the game and like the other Kings games i've attended live they lost. The first quarter was fairly compelling with the Kings having a slight edge after the first quarter. The second quarter was the ultimate undoing for the Kings. The second quarter was pretty much a lay-up clinic for the Mavericks who extended their lead to as much as 13 before the Kings eventually cut the lead down to 7 by halftime.

The second half saw the Kings have the opposite problem. They played better on the defensive end up seemed to struggle to make shots every time they got within 7 or 8 points. If nothing else, the final score made it look respectable (99-91), a huge improvement over being blown out by the Knicks. While the Kings are unlikely to get back into the playoffs this year, it is at least encouraging to note that they at least aren't a punching bag.

And as quick as it started, my weekend, new years/new decade and it's cross pollination with sports was finished. Happy new years everyone!!

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