Monday, January 25, 2010

Trying something new: Using Baseball Mogul to revise History--Why am I doing this?

Alright, so we have a couple months till baseball season starts. The Super Bowl is two weeks away. The NBA is the NBA, wake me in April. Normally on Monday's I have been doing the NBA Preview. The last couple days i've reflected on the stuff I have posted on here in the several months since I started this blog. The one thing that's stuck out to me is i've felt a lot better about the baseball-oriented stuff i've done than the NFL/NBA stuff. I feel ok about most of the NFL stuff but i'm not too happy with the basketball stuff I wrote.

In other words, i've got to come up with a way to fill space for a couple months. One thing about me is i'm a HUGE fan of the Baseball Mogul series. For those of you unfamiliar with Baseball Mogul, it is Fantasy Baseball on LSD/Speed/Crack, etc. You get to be GM of any baseball team from 1901 to the present and tweak things as much as possible.

The concept I have for this is to take a team that had their potential for greatness cut short for one reason or another and see if the success could have been maintained if things happened differently.

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