Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brewers-Pirates Series Preview

The Brewers are coming off taking 2 out of 3 against Houston. Today's game was frustrating with David Weathers blowing the game in the 8th inning, Braden Looper giving up his 30th of the year, Prince Fielder coming within inches of tying the game in the bottom the ninth and Hunter Pence hitting a go ahead home run and making a catch on the aforementioned Fielder fly ball....but on the bright side a series win is a series win.....enough on that...on to the series ahead

Brewers [58-59 2.9% playoff chance]
Pirates [46-70 <.1% playoff chance]


Villaneuva [2-9 5.80 era 73 ERA+] vs. Hart 3-2 [3.69 era 117 ERA+]

Villaneuva is coming off a decent start that got him a no-decision in game one of the Chris Bosio era. Hart is one of the players the Pirates got when they traded John Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny to the Cubs. Villaneuva has improved as a starter but i'm still not quite sold on him. Don't know too much about Hart...he's pitched well this year but if the Pirates are trading for someone in July......that player probably isn't that good

Parra [8-8 6.44 era 66 ERA+] vs. Maholm [6-7 4.93 era 83 ERA+]

Parra got bailed out by the offense after a less than stellar start Thursday against the Padres. He's had really strong run support since coming back from Nashville and see the Brewers lighting up the scoreboard in this game. The Pirates have Maholm pitching who is the closest thing they have to a reliable ace. However, he does have the distinction of being one (of several) pitchers to dominate the Brewers in their major league debut.


Gallardo [11-9 3.52 era 121 ERA+] vs. Morton [2-6 5.51 era 74 ERA+]

Gallardo, coming off a strong start in Friday's blowout victory over Houston. Gallardo has been much better than his 11-9 record indicates should get plenty of run support in this game since he's not pitching against the opposing team's ace pitcher [for once]. The Skeleton Pirates start Charlie Morton [a player they also got during one of their salary dumbs thinly disguised as a trade--the one including Nate McLouth] .........and as the numbers show, he's definitely struggled.....that's most likely gonna continue on Wednesday...........

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