Monday, August 24, 2009

Brewers-Reds Preview

The Brewers just ending a pretty good series against the team formerly known as the expos (nationals)........despite a bad start by Parra and blowing a 7-run lead on Saturday...the Brewers still managed to win 3 out of 4.......with that series ending means it is now time to look ahead to the next series

Brewers [61-63] vs. Reds [52-71]

Arroyo [6-14 4.21 era 106 ERA+] vs. Suppan [5-8 5.27 era 80 ERA+]

The Brewers are facing Bronson Arroyo in tomorrow night's game. While he's had a pretty average year [better than his 6-14 record indicates but definitely not Cy Young material] he did shut down the Crew the last time they faced him. Speaking of Arroyo....I definitely need to give him props for doing something that has eluded many of his contemporaries [acknowledging/bragging about doing steroids] and something the media has failed to realize [that everyone was doing steroids and 2003 and that it's really not that big a deal if a player did so]

The Brewers counter with the mediocre $10 million dollar man....Jeff Suppan......this is his first start since coming back from the disabled list....while I won't miss pitchers like Mike Burns and Carlos Villaneuva pitching in his spot......i'm still not too excited to see Suppan back........on the bright side his contract expires at the end of '10

Reds [TBD] vs. Brewers [Looper 11-6 4.95 era 86 ERA+]

The Reds haven't determined who's pitching for them Wednesday. Regardless of whether Looper pitches good or's pretty much a given someone is going to go yard on him....coming into this start he's at 31 [tied for 248 th all time for a single season.....] if he gives up 20 more he'll break Bert Blyleven's all time mark.

Reds [Owings 6-12 5.52 era 81 ERA+] vs. Brewers [TBD]

The Brewers have not offically decided who's starting thursday although there is the possibility that TBD will be the return of Dave Bush. The Reds counter with a pitcher who is more imposing as a hitter .255/.264/.529...considering his struggles on the wouldn't be too shocking for him to become a full-time hitter at some point........he hits for a decent average...lots of power....he just needs to draw some more walks

Exhibit A)
In 188 career plate appearance he has an OPS+ of 118: Other hitters with the same career OPS+ include Luiz Gonzalez, Matt Stairs, Mike Sweeney, Pete Rose, Cecil Fielder and Andres Galarraga

Exhibit B)
Even hitting lower than his career average this year [100 OPS+] .....he still has a higher OPS+ than players such as Milton Bradley, Brandon Phillips, Clint Barmes and Jimmy Rollins

Ah.......the information you can find on Baseball-Reference never ceases to amaze me.....well that's another preview.....until next ball

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