Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sports/Music Crossover Column: Collective Soul

So.....I was wandering aimlessly on the internet earlier today and realized that mid-90s post-grunge band Collective Soul is coming out with a new album titled Rabbit on tribute to their 15+plus year body of work....I decided the time was ripe for another sports/music crossover post to discuss my take on whichever sports news crosses my mind.....

The Song Division:

"Counting the Days"--.....until football season

I am counting the days till football season for various reasons. First, to see whether or not the Packers will bounce back from a disapointing year. Will the switch to a 3-4 defense make the Packers defense at least somewhat competent? Will Aaron Rodgers build on a strong 2008 and inch himself closer to the leagues elite.....

Also, for purposes directly realting to this blog...I decided that I needed a way to expand my knowledge about sports teams that don't happen to play in the state of Wisconsin......and after years of being sure I would never cross over into it.....I am making my first serious foray into fantasy sports.....i have a fantasy nfl and college teams starting up soon...i'm a bit anxious to see how well I do and to see if/how it will expand my knowledge.....

"Why Pt. 2"---Brett Favre's 2nd annual retirement/un-retirement fiasco

Seriously, what is this dude thinking? Does he not want people to like him? Does he realize that he's just not that good anymore? Why does he retire when he knows he's going to come back? should be amusing to see him expand his all-time career lead in interceptions by another 25......and lead the Vikings to a non-playoff season

"Blame"---Memphis Basketball Scandal

Who is to blame for this little fiasco? Coach John Calipari, a coach who has now directly led to TWO schools having to forfeit a Final Four appearance? Derrick Rose....a player who had to lie and cheat to pass the SAT and be "eligible" to play at Memphis? My Answer C: All of the Above

"Run"---Usain Bolt--running his way into the record books

Alright so I could care less about track....but anytime you break two world records by yourself [100 metres/200 metres] in the same week........that's pretty epic and worth giving some recognition to

"Perfect Day"---Mark Buerhle's perfect game

Alright so i'm a month late on this one but going 27 up/27 down in a baseball game is pretty awesome.....and rare enough that it's happened only 18 times in MLB history

"No More, No Less" ----- Cubs/Dodgers All Time Series

Going into this weekends set the Cubs and Dodgers played each other 2,028 times......The Cubs won 1,014 times....the Dodgers had won the other 1,014 times........tough to get a series as close as that....not sure what the odds are of this happening but this is definitely one of those statistical anamolies that is unlikely to repeat itself in sports........

The Albums Secion

"Afterwords"--Micheal Vick and the aftermath of his prison sentence

In the aftermath of Vick's 18-month sentence for dogfighting and signing on with the Eagles...what's going to happen in the aftermath of his scandal........will PETA ever forgive the Eagles?.....will the Eagles switch to a wildcat offense that emphasises his strengths very well?....when will we find out whether or not Vick will be suspended or allowed to play?........with this story and the Favre story going on at the same time which story will ESPN bludgeon like a dead horse first?.......will Vick be the same, better, or worse than before his prison sentence.....this question and possibly others will be answered in this season of NFL football

"Rabbit"---emergence of ML leadoff hitters who can run--and actually get on base.....

I don't know if its just me but it seems like there's been an infusion of youth and speed at the top of lineups all over the NL this year.....Andrew McCutchen, Micheal Bourn, Nyjer Morgan.....with Alceides Escobar in the process of joining this list..........none of these guys are likely to be power hitters...but they all hit for solid contact....and their speed causes problems for opposing pitchers once they get on base.....

"From the Ground Up"---NFL/mystery suprise team

With the NFL season coming up...come speculation on which team will rise from the ground up and go from atrocious to the playoffs within a year.....last year it was the Dolphins and Falcons who went from laughingstocks to legit contenders.......I have no idea who will pull it off this year but either way it won't be that much of a shock when it happens [unless the Lions somehow are that team]

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