Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The W-5: 1-2 Power Duos

Last night, I had the (mis)fortune of watching a couple innings of the Brewers being ambushed by the Dodgers 17-4 {However, I did not stay up late enough for Prince Fielder's failed attempt to get into the Dodger locker room}.....point being I was watching the Dodgers broadcast (the was blacked out since I get Dodger games where i'm at)......on the plus side it is a good excuse to hear Vin Scully call a ballgame (i obviously couldn't care less about the Dodgers but Scully is an icon) and they did one of those interactive polls on which team has the most potent 1-2 power duo and with's time to bust out a W-5

1) Ryan Howard .261/.344/.524 123 OPS+
Chase Utley .299/.419/.541 149 OPS+

Ryan Howard is power.......he's pitched subs for subway....he's won a title with the Phils.....he strikes out about 200 times a year......yet he still hits enough bombs to make him one of the most intimidating hitters in the game....Chase Utley may not be as imposing but he does his far share as a member of this 1-2 duo.....even while getting hit by pitches more than anyone else in the NL for the third year in a row....he still has enough time to quietly put up some gaudy statistics.

2)Ryan Braun .318/.391/.567 150 OPS+
Prince Fielder .305/.421/.585 163 OPS+

Braun...the team leader on the field and off......a mainstay at the 3 spot in the Brew Crew line up.....though he does find time to let everyone know that the Brewers needed more starting pitching (like two months ago)....though this duo got dropped to #2 because of Braun's 70+AB homer less streak and the Brewers fading playoff hopes.....Prince Fielder a man who is equally as intimidating at the plate as he is trying to track down Guillermo Mota in the Dodger locker room.......i would feel bad for Mota but seriously what was he doing intentionally hitting a bitter in a 13 run game

3) Kevin Youkilis .313/.424/.581 153 OPS+
Jason Bay .252/.392/.490 121 OPS+

Youkilis has had a busy year. He's made history by working baseball's first 6-5 count.
(well according to the Onion at least....they don't call him the greek god of walks for nothing)........I saw him make a cameo on an episode of (man v. food) and he's putting up MVP numbers for a strong Red Sox team.........Jason Bay is having a nice year himself.....not quite enough to over take the Braun/Fielder duo but he's given the Sox a solid left fielder....even if he doesn't have the attitude and intimidation factor of his predecessor

4) Jim Thome .250/.390/.489 125 OPS+
Jermaine Dye .279/.352/.529 124 OPS+

Thome might not be the youngest guy in the room....but he still is an imposing player adding on to his hall of fame career......Jermaine Dye works well in the sidekick role....he's a solid player in the midst of a largely unnoticed solid career......

5) Torii Hunter .305/.380/.558 140 OPS+
Kendry Morales .296/.347/.575 134 OPS+

Hunter is having another strong year and justifying the large contract the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of the West Coast of North America of North signed him too......Kendry Morales gets the distinction of being the only player to make this list in the midst of his breakout year.......this is his first year playing full time and he's making the most of it.......

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