Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The W-5: Reactions to Doug Melvin's busy day

To say the least, the Brewers made A LOT of changes today.

My reactions and opinions are as follows:

1) I don't care who the new pitching coach is......just as long as it's someone else.

Last year Ned Yost got fired after blowing a 5 1/2 game wild card lead in about two weeks. The Brewers hired interim manager Dale Sveum and managed to squeak into the playoffs.

Today pitching coach Bill Castro ended up losing his job due to the ineptness of Brewer pitching. While it's unclear weather Chris Bosio will be an excellent pitching coach.......having a new voice/coach in the dugout, there should be no way this team can get worse.....well at least for a few days

2) You had a good season three years ago........but you've gotten progressively worse since.......see ya

Three years ago Bill Hall hit 35 homers and got a 4-year contract extension. This year he's struggling to keep his average around .200 and has become an offensive liability. Today he got DFA'd and is basically done with the Brewers

3) J.J Hardy getting sent to Nashville was the most shocking of the moves........

Firing Bill Castro and DFA'ing Bill Hall were two moves whose only question was when they would happen, not if. While I wouldn't have been shocked if Hardy got traded and/or was claimed on waivers due to the plethora of rumors regarding trades, Hardy getting sent to the minors was still highly surprising.

While J.J Hardy has struggled this year and seems to ground into too many double-plays with men on base.....I never thought that it he would be playing in Nashville.

4) I'm not sure what it is....but I get a sinking feeling this team is cursed sometimes

It's really odd....the moves being made have increased the overall talent of this club and none of the moves have totally backfired so far....but this team keeps playing worse........there's always next years.......this team is continually finding new ways to completely embarrass themselves.

5) I would not lose any sleep over these current Brewers being DFA'd and/or outright released

Jeff Suppan
Braden Looper
Jason Kendall
Jody Gerut

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