Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday Randomness Part I:(Non-Football) Edition

Alright, haven't posted in a couple days and I figured it was about time:

Friday night, I got my first chance to watch some NBA Action. Caught part of the Clippers-Jazz game and Lakers-Mavs. The Clippers look light they are the same 'ol Clippers, they kept it close for 3 quarters....but things fell apart in the 4th quarter and they got blown out. In other words, some things never change

Lakers-Mavs game was more surprising. While not much stock can be taken in an early season game, the Mavs surprisingly outplayed the Lakers.

Speaking of Basketball I got the new Bill Simmons book, the Book of Basketball in the mail the other day. I'm still in the process of reading it (the thing is like 700 pages long and you could almost do a full work out just by lifting the book).....its a good read so far, i'll probably discuss it more as I work my way through it.........

Also, I got a chance to watch part of the MLB Network special about the 1984 Padres. Didn't know too much about the squad other than they were the team that lost the '84 Series to the Tigers. If you get the chance to , its definitely worth checking out.

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