Monday, June 29, 2009

Apparently Brandon Jennings thinks really highly of himself

I was already not digging the Bucks first round pick of Brandon Jennings when it was initally made on thursday, and this does not make me feel any better about the draft pick

So pretty much, Jennings is on record saying he's gonna be the starting point guard and an instant star. If he had proven said talent, I would not have too many issues.

However, the evidence of NBA-caliber talent is not (currently) stacked in his favor. First, he got picked 10th in what looks to be one of the weakest drafts in recent memory. Second, he didn't exactly impress in his two European stints maxing out at 7 points/game and 38 pct. shooting. It would be too early to write him off completely at this point, but he is nowhere near being good enough to start at this point.

In the transcript of the YouTube clip posted, Jennings acts like the Bucks are going to clear his path to the starting job by not re-signing Ramon Sessions (which would be a HUGE mistake)....and  one which they are working to avoid

While he's still young and there is time for him to mature as a player and person, I am not sold on Jennings as an NBA player.Best case, I see Jennings as either a) trade bait or b) a long-term option where he's a backup for a couple of years before being placed in the starting line-up

Based on how highly Jennings regards himself, scenario b is highly unlikely........which leads to the worst-case (more likely than not scenario).

That being, if Jennings continues to flaunt his ego like this, Scott Skiles is probably not going to like it too much. Skiles has built a reputation around not putting up with this type of behavior. Skiles was less than thrilled with much lesser offenses such as Charlie Villaneuva sending a tweet during halftime saying that he need to stay focused (in a game that they won). I can only imagine how Skiles is going to react to his rookie player being on record saying that Ramon Sessions won't be a buck next year and handing him the starting job sight unseen............not likely.....not likely at all.

Pick of the day: Today (Monday) I correctly picked the First Place-Brewers to beat the Mets

Tomorrow (Tuesday): Angels over Rangers

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