Saturday, June 20, 2009

Some Baseball, Some Basketball with a side of onion

Some observations of note:

Well, Scott Boras is up to his greedy ways.............again. MLB Notebook is reporting that Scott
Boras' client Magglio Ordonez got benched and he is not too happy about it. Mostly this article talks about  Boras being upset that this move may cost Boras/Ordonez some precious  millions and in general crying take on this situation is very similar to the views expressed in this article

Well here we go again.....Scott Boras is definitely one of the most greedy-sleazy-self absorbed agents in does not shock me at all that he is pulling a stunt like this.....i'm curious to see how much money he extracts out of future draft-bust Stephen Strasburg....if/when I do a post about people/things that are bad for baseball he's definitely going to be number 1.

The article discusses how the rumor has grown since some Chinese investors became minority owners of the Cavs.......This is a move Cleveland needs to make on many fronts. The article discusses the marketing benefits which I won't discuss to avoid redundancy. On a basketball front it would also be epic. Getting Yao makes more sense than getting Shaq while there are injury concerns with Yao,  Yao is actually known more from his on-court production than his twitter account these days. Also having Yao at center would immensly improve Cleveland's chances of winning series against teams with dominant big men (i.e Yao vs. Howard would have been epic) and Yao would have been enough to at least make the finals and possibly give the city of Cleveland a championship.

Also getting someone of Yao's caliber would be a major sign to LeBron that the Cavs are serious about putting together a championship-caliber team and thus give them a better chance to keep LeBron past the summer of 10'

On a Lighter Note: Reason 36 why the Cubs will not win the world series this year

Streak for the cash pick of the day:

Blue Jays 7
Expos 2

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