Monday, June 22, 2009

Why I dislike Bud Selig

With the news that commissoner Selig's long time adversary Donald Fehr announced his retirement today I feel that the timing is right for me to write a post discussing why I dislike current commissioner Bud Selig

1) He used the Brewers to push an agenda:

Back in the 90s when the Yankees excessive spending started to escalate towards the mess it has become today, Selig was pushing for revenue sharing. What was left unsaid was that while he is obscenely rich and had the money to spend to make the Brewers competitors, under the Selig family's ownership the Brewers had one of the lowest payrolls in the league and ended up being stuck in a 15-year rebuilding project where the Brewers were consistently the whipping boy of both the American and National league (I definitely do NOT find it a coincidence that the Brewers have played better since ownership left the Selig family)......he could of forked over the money to put up a contender (or at the very least pull the Mets/Orioles method of spending money on players who were at least has-beens) but no the Brewers languished bottoming out with this trainwreck

2) 1994 Strike: Presiding over the first cancelled World Series in 90-plus years.....nuff said

3) Attempted Contraction: If he would have pulled it off, contracting the Twins and Expos would have left a permanent black eye on baseball....while I am generally averse towards teams from Minnesota I can at least tolerate the Twins doing well as it is a continual reminder of a move that was not good.....even by Selig's standards

4) Double-Facing On PEDs: I discussed this a bit last tuesday so i'll keep it short....He either looks the other way or acts like the chief of  the steroid police, solely dependent on which stance is more convenient at the time.

5) 2002 All-Star Game: Selig calling this game after 11  innings allowed him the dubious distinction of making a further mockery over a glorified exhibition game......classy

6) The dude reminds me too much of Mr. Burns from the Simpsons

To give a real-life application of this dislike I will leave with this anecdote. About a couple months ago one of my buddies sent me an e-mail with a link to Bud Selig's wikipedia page and asked me if he still lived in Milwaukee. My response was I don't know, I don't care all I know is that the Brewers started winning more games when he stopped owning the Brewers

Pick of the day Tuesday:   Brew Crew 8
                                              Twins 3

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