Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's the minor leagues......get over it

Pretty much, LA Times Writer/Around the Horn commentator Bill Plaschke incoherently rambles about how much of an atrocity it is that Manny Ramirez is allowed to rehab in the minor leagues before the end of his 50-game steroid/fertility pill suspension and how its such an outrage that Dodgers fans still have Manny Ramirez's back even though he got suspended for violating MLB's steroid policy

The biggest "highlight" of this masterpiece was:

I was here to find a Dodgers fan brave enough to boo him.
Surely it would happen, right? 

Alright  so he got busted doing fertility pills, not the smartest career move but if I was Dodgers fan I would not be booing Manny Ramirez. I would be counting the days until the end of his suspension [If God forbid, Braun and/or Fielder were to go through this, I would still cheer their return]. If you don't like that he does steroids, thats one thing but to treat him like a pariah because he messed up is another. Following this "logic" do you want to eradicate all the good he's done for the Dodgers. First of all, the dude has put up ridiculous numbers since being traded to LA and behaved himself  (for now). In other words, while Manny  has  done his share of selfish acts over the years, this behavior has regressed in LA. Furthermore, if not for Manny the Dodgers would still be the mediocre . 500ish team they were before coming to LA.

In plain mathematical terms it translates to the following, 
No Manny=No Playoffs
No Playoffs=Dodger's not winning first post-season series in 20 years
No Manny=Youngsters not gaining confidence by being around Manny and not holding on to that substantial division lead even during Manny's suspension.
No Manny=The Dodgers are likely hanging out with San Diego and Arizona at the bottom of the NL West.

Basically, in Plaschke's mind doing PEDs undos all these positives. Simply, with Manny Ramirez the Dodgers have become one of the elite teams in the national league. So even if you dislike steroid use, the critics have to at least see why Dodger fans are excited about his return.

Also, who cares....steroid use has been one of the most over-blown stories in the last 5-10 years. Seriously, NFL players are WAY more juiced than MLB players but when someone gets busted in the NFL the only people who care are the ones who have said player on their fantasy football team. Point being, he's not playing in the major leagues...he's not getting paid....and really who normally pays attention to those games in exotic locales such as Albuquerque and Lake Elsinore.........which begs the question, will Plaschke still have this self-righteous rhetoric if Manny being Manny brings the Dodgers a World Series crown.......

Also, will anyone even remember this fake outrage about Manny getting back into playing shape in a month? 10 days? a week? Even as it's going on now I could really care less.........but it's steroids.....its 2009.....the anger.....the outrage...............

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