Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bad TBS Movies and the actors in them: Lindsay Lohan

Alright so I was gonna write about the end of the NBA season and the Lakers winning the title but something about the Lakers winning their fourth title of the decade left me feeling uninspired.......So i'm watching the movie mean girls on TBS right now and can't help but find parallels in the character played by Lindsay Lohan and parallel changes in her public perceptionSo, in the beginning of the movie her character (Cady Heron) is this wide-eyed sheltered kid oblivious to the corruptive elements of the outside world....the public perception equivalent of this would be the kid/family friendly Disney movies that she was known for in her pre-teen/teen years.....However, as the movie progresses Lohan's character goes deeper and deeper into the manipulative/darker aspects of human behavior as her character's popularity rises and her behavior gets darker........This also draws a parallel to real life where the more famous she has gotten, the less emphasis has been placed on her career (being in the 8 Golden Raspberry Award winning.....I know who killed me probably doesn't help) this and more emphasis has been placed on her partying, legal troubles, rehab so on and so forth........

However,If there is a silver lining to this analogy, it would be that Lohan's character realises the fault of her actions towards the end of the movie, redeems herself and abstains from the behavior(s) that got her character in trouble in the first place.........will history prove that Lohan too will gain redemption and rise above the behavior that has led to her troubles and become more successful than ever (she is only 22 so there definitely enough time).........could this parallel between two mediums prove to fulfill itself in the vein of the Wizard of OZ/Dark Side of the moon parallels.....only time will tell
Streak for the cash pick of the day (Monday): NL-Central Leading Brewers 5Indians 3

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