Thursday, June 11, 2009

ESPN Streak for the cash--and how it allows me to care about a game that i Don't

As a transplanted fan of Wisconsin sports, most of the games I see either on local tv (dodgers/angels/lakers, etc.) and those on national televison..are games in which I'll watch for the sake of watching games but have little to no vested interest

In light of this and boredom, I began playing the ESPN Streak for the cash game not long ago. The first thing I learned is while I follow the sporting world closely, apparently i'm not that good predicting the outcome of games. While It would be cool to go on a massive winning streak and make a million bucks, the chances of this happening is obviously slim (although I did get a 8 game losing streak once.... i'll give everyone a second to be mildly unimpressed)....... but one side effect of this game is if the put a game that's being broadcast (for the record.....tonight I am picking Orlando to beat the Lakers in game 4) I can at least temporarily take a rooting interest in whoever I picked and get more into the game that I otherwise would have. (which i'm pretty sure isn't an accident)

But anyways, its something that makes things more interesting, a sign of the times and leads me to actually caring if the angels, dodgers, whoever win or lose tonight's game..........

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