Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft--The Good--The Bad--The Future Busts

With the First Round of the NBA Draft in the books, this is my inital reaction:

The Would Have Been Good If it was any other team: Blake Griffin- Clippers

Obviouslly, Blake Griffin was a beast when he played for Oklahoma. It was obvious he would be the #1 pick months ago. Even though he didn't look to be a game-changing talent...he's still good enough to at least be an all-star. Then, the Clippers got the #1 pick. Playing for the Clippers never ends good for either involved party. Unless he gets traded he'll either be battling injurys or end up being less talented than everyone thinks, the point is playing for the Clippers makes it more likely that he'll have a forgetfull career.

The Good Picks: Stephen Curry- Warriors

I'm not sure how high I would be on him with another team but Curry's game is a good fit for the Warriors Nelly-Ball offense. He can shoot 3s with the best of them and single-handedly will his team to victory over superior competiton.......not saying the Warriors are going to be any good, but having Curry on their side might give them a fighting chance

Jeff Teague- Hawks

This one I am trusting gut instinct and going out on a limb. The reasoning for this goes back a couple years....I was watching some random college b-ball game on tv (wake forest-virginia) the memories are a bit fuzzy but I remember wake came back from 7 down in less than two minutes...I remember Teague hitting a couple of clutch shots and coming up big on defense...point being I was impressed with Teague and thought to myself that Wake Forest would be an elite team within a year or so.....this came (somewhat true) as they were temporarily #1 last year.

Disclaimer: I used this same line of reasoning to pick Wake Forest to reach the finals in my facebook bracket......then they lost to Cleveland State......still with Teague being picked by an improving Hawks team, I still stand by this sleeper pick.

Eric Maynor- Jazz

Not sure how much playing time he'll get in Utah.....but anyone who played for a small school and made a game winning shot against Duke in the first-round of the ncaa tournament definitely has some good nba karma coming his way.

Yes that was only 3 picks that I feel confident will end up being good picks.... Granted this is a weak draft class....but the following stick out and not in a good way
Hasheem Thabeet- Grizzlies
This is more based on how high he got drafted than anything else. The dude can play D but he is basically a defensive liability. Best case scenario would be him being a defensive stopper--6th man type on a contender---however, counting on him to help turn the moribound grizzlies around seems like something that Thabeet is likely not up to.
Tyler Hansbrough- Pacers
Yes, Hansbrough was a beast at UNC. However, i'm amongst the many that doesn't see his game translating to the NBA. Likely scenario for him is playing a 12th man Mark Madsen type on a championship team once the Pacers realize he's not gonna produce.....I definitely see a career line within the neighborhood of 4pts 2rbs 3fouls 15 minutes a game when all is said and done

B.J. Mullens- Mavericks

Alright so the 24th pick is a bit low to call a bust. Still, this guy is not gonna be that good. Playing in the Big 11 = not the best way to prepare for the nba (at least in 09) least hansbrough was more impressive against much more superior competiton....things that can not be said about Mullens....probably be out of the league within 3 years....

Friday Pick of the Day: Brew Crew over Giants

R.I.P Micheal Jackson and Farrah Fawcett

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