Friday, November 13, 2009

Braden gets cut, McCarthy gets even and Doc gets a YouTube Clip

Things in the sports world that have piqued my interest today.

My Take On This:

In the words of the famous rapper Lil Jon Yeeeeahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! I wasn't exactly thrilled with J.J Hardy being turned into Carlos Gomez....I feel a little more optimistic about the 2010 season knowing that Braden Looper will be giving up 35+ homers else where. While he did lead the Brewers in wins with 14......he really didn't pitch that well and no lead no matter how big felt safe with him on the mound. Another bright spot of this is this is 6.5 million dollars better spent on an upgrade (i.e John Lackey, Doug Davis, anyone else, etc.)

My Take On This:

Whaaattttttt!!!!!! Seriously....if this (alleged) story is true...this is a big time power trip. The Wood had worked for the Packers for 22 years and he loses his job over a comment. This is some serious bad karma for McCarthy. First, considering the Packers play the last couple weeks, it was advice that McCarthy should have taken seriously. the aftermath last weeks loss to the previously winless Bucs, if anyone should lose their job its not the maintenance worker.

My Take On This:

Drugs are bad m'kay..........Definitely an amusing clip about one of the more interesting no-hitters in MLB history. Seriously, this has got to be one accomplishment that is not going to be replicated. I can't wait for MLB Network to show this as one of their all-time games. Words can't do the video justice...check it out if you get the chance.

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