Monday, November 23, 2009

Counting Down The NBA Games: 11/23 Edition

Alright so I haven't really talked about the NBA too much. I decided to add a new feature where I preview the NBA games that have been deemed worthy enough for national television coverage. I'm going to count the games down based on how interesting I am in the games.

5- Wizards vs. Heat --Friday ESPN

This game looked better a month ago than it does now. The Heat have done their part and started off solid. They haven't been great but so far they at least look to get back to the playoffs. The Wizards were seen as a sleeper team that was supposed to improve with Flip Saunders as coach and a healthy Gilbert Arenas. Then they started 3-9 and look poised to get blown out on National Television. Stay Classy DC.

4-Bulls vs. Jazz -- Thursday TNT

Michael Jordan isn't walking through that door! Scottie Pippen isn't walking through that door! Karl Malone isn't walking through that door! John Stockton isn't walking through that door!

There will be better games...There will be worse games...This game just isn't doin it for me.

3- Heat vs. Magic-- Wednesday ESPN

Worth watching because of their stars (Dwayne Wade/Dwight Howard) but since there is a second chance to watch both teams....this one isn't really a must watch.

2-Magic vs. Hawks --Thursday TNT

Possible Eastern Conference Finals preview. The Magic are at the top as expected and look primed to defend their Eastern Conference Championship. The Hawks have slowly but surely risen from the abyss to become a pretty good team.

Is it just me or does the talk about the Hawks being a surprise team sell them short a little bit. Sure they've started stronger than predicted but it hasn't been a night and day difference. They almost upset Boston a couple years ago, they made the second round last year, they were expected to win about 45-50 this year. Granted, at their rate they look like they'll break through at fight for conference supremacy but its not this team was expected to be a push over.

1- Bucks vs. Thunder --Friday ESPN

This game was a late add for ESPN. The Bucks are definitely the most pleasant surprise in the NBA this year. They were pretty much left dead...predicted to be one of the worst teams in the league and....BOOM Brandon Jennings breaks out...exceeds expectations and proves his skeptics wrong (such as myself)...granted the Bucks got worked by the Spurs tonight but the Bucks have legitimate hope for the first time in a while.

Their opposition is another young team hoping to break into the playoffs (Thunder). They may not be the best team in the league (yet.....check back in a couple years) but they are definitely one of the more interesting team.

Milwaukee and Oklahoma City may not be the biggest markets but the teams have two of the brightest young stars in the league (Jennings and Durant) and this should make for a good Friday Night Match-Up.

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