Thursday, November 12, 2009

Coach Of The Year.....Just Not This Year

Well, the biggest story of the day is the New Orleans firing their coach Byron Scott. Another example of how quick a coach can fall from grace

He inherited a pretty bad team in '04, guided them through the post-Katrina years when they played their home games in Oklahoma City, ended up getting a franchise player in Chris Paul and seemed destined to bigger and better things.

Scott's time in New Orleans peaked in a strong 07-08 season when they got to the second round and he won a coach of the year award. At that point, it seemed like the Hornets were headed upwards towards the elite but that hasn't been the case since. The Hornets took a step back last year and everything came to an end after a 3-6 start and a blowout loss to the Suns.

Theres gotta be some balance to this.....being the best coach of the league and then little more than a year later, your not good enough to keep your job. That does feel a bit extreme. The way I see it...this is the same coach that got the New Jersey Nets to the finals (twice...ok it was in a bad eastern conference....but still one of those things I thought would never happen)....

My guess is hes back in the league coaching somewhere by the start of next year.

On a side note, does this mean that last years Coach of the Year, Mike Brown is on the hot seat. The Cavs haven't started that fast this year and there is a lot riding on whether the Cavs could win it all this year. My guess if they don't win it this year and/or they lose LeBron, Mike Brown will join Scott as another Coach of the Year that lost his coaching gig.

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