Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ranting and Raving About College Football

Well we've come into November and the College Football season is coming down to the thinking about todays action goes like this:

Iowa lost......not too surprised

Iowa had spent most of the season flirting with losses to teams ranked significantly lower than them. As much as I want teams to get their first crack at a title...if for nothing else to annoy people like this the reality is, Iowa has been more lucky than good this year. Its one thing if it happens once but Iowa barely escaped to often against medicore-to bad teams such as Indiana, Michigan State and Northern Iowa. Well now the only thing to hope for in the Big 11 is to attempt (with the emphasis on attempt) to not embarrass themselves in their respective bowl games.

We don't have to worry about the Oregon vs. Boise State BCS Rankings Controversy

Coming into Saturday, Oregon seemed poised to pass Boise State in the BCS Rankings this year. This wouldn't be a big deal other than the fact that Boise had embarrassed Oregon on earlier this year. This would have set a terrible precedent and given a notch of pride to those who are biased against teams just because of the conference they play in. The reality for Oregon is Loss To Stanford=Better Luck next year.

How many games do Notre Dame have to lose before people realize they are NOT an elite program

One thing that gets to me on a yearly basis is why do we have to hear about Notre Dame on a yearly basis and why do they get rewarded for their mediocre product with their own TV Contract. I understand that they were once a great program....but that time has come and gone. Sure there are other players/teams that get over-exposed in the media (Florida cough cough Tim Tebow cough cough) but at least they've accomplished something on the field and won championships lately. Considering the short attention span of our society...Notre Dame's loss to Navy could bring us one step closer to Notre Dame being treated like the 7-5 team that they are.

The most ignorant College Football phrase of the day goes to....

Matt Hinton of Dr.Saturday for this anti-outsider line

Now if Florida, Alabama and Texas can only keep winning and somebody can finally do something about Cincinnati, everything will be falling into the proper order.

If this doesn't say I love the status quo, i'm not sure what does. Seriously, what is wrong with given an outside the box team a chance for the title, assuming they take care of business on their end. Honestly, Florida has won their share this decade, the media is in love with Tim Tebow...if Florida lost their last couple days and settled for the Citrus Bowl, it wouldn't exactly break my heart.

Alabama has returned to the elite after doing their best Notre Dame imitation for about 15 years...I would rather see them than Florida in the title game..only problem is their coach Nick Saban is one of those coaches who only sticks around until he can find someone to pay him more money

Texas has already won this decade and it would be tough to top their battle with USC...

Which brings me around to my main point of equaling a non-traditional power like Cincinnati being snubbed being equivalent to proper order. If nothing else, it would be good for College Football as a whole. Cincinnati was a team that wasn't ranked to start the season. If a team like Cinci got in, it would show that if your dominant enough and take care of business, you had a chance to win it all regardless of preseason perceptions or how big of a name you are. Granted the problem with this analogy is Cincinnati plays in Big East but at the same time something like this would be a first step towards some of the non-BCS teams such Boise, TCU, etc. from getting a chance to play for a title sooner than later.....because this case "proper order" isn't equivalent to fair.....

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