Friday, November 27, 2009

Bucks/Thunder Running Post: Second Half

7:54 Second half is about to start in the next few minutes.......the Bucks have stayed in it by shooting well from beyond the arc and getting large contributions off the they've stayed close despite only 2 points from Jennings.....the announcing team gives us the second of 100 reminders that Jennings didn't score in the 1st quarter of the game where he dropped 55

7:57 Considering these teams have changed a lot in the last couple years i'm not sure much can be drawn from this but.....OKC hasn't beaten the Bucks since '07

7:58 Durant nails a 3 with the shot clock running down......ouch

7:59 Bucks have come out of the gate looking turrible

8:00 Off to commercials and one of those Dos Equis commercials with the most interesting man in the world.......these commercials are definitely one of my pet peeves....especially the one where they state that he had an awkward moment just to see what it feels like....coming from someone whose life is a compilation of awkward moments....can't help but take some offense to it.

8:02 Durant Comparison Tally: Gervin 3 Malone 2......i'll move it up to 3.5 since the latest Gervin comparison came with a video montage.

8:03 Thunder on an 18-4 run....nothings going right currently

8:04 Seriously why do they let Gadzuric shoot the ball? 3 times a game is too much

8:05 Can't help but think there is some Ewing theory potential in Redd. The Bucks were rolling when Redd was injured and look to be headed to 0-3 with him back....

8:08 The Bucks are playing so bad right now.....I doubt they could beat a D-League team right now

8:10 Is it too much to ask that the BUCKS MAKE A SINGLE BASKET....... apparently it is

8:13 Discussion quickly turns to the Nets-Kings game and talking about how the Kings game was the Nets best chance for a win considering they play the Lakers on Sunday....selling the Kings short.....the Kings have bounced back.....sure they are 6-8 but they are showing signs of life and are anything but an easy out

8:15 Congratulations took you 6+ minutes to make a basket.....and then another one a minute the broadcasters can stop talking about all time offensive futility records....however, there is still the issue of being down 14 points

8:16 Bucks are 2 for 17 in the third quarter.....even David Eckstein thinks that is terrible

8:18 Well, we know what it takes for Redd to make a shot in this game....questionable goaltending calls against Kevin Durant

8:21 Only the 3rd quarter and the they're out of the game but hey they are on the way up conversations are beginning.....

8:24 Jennings has only amassed 3 points so's easy to see that Durant has clearly outplayed Jennings tonight

8:25 Thankfully, the third quarter is over.....there is absolutely nothing good to say about the last 12 minutes of this game....78-63 Thunder

8:29 The 4th quarter is about to start and with that a cliche-ridden interview with Thunder coach Scott Brooks

8:30 Even when the Bucks do something right....they do something wrong. Hakim Warrick gets the dunk but hangs on the rim too much and picks up a technical.

8:31 The conversation of the broadcast has shifted to what the Thunder will do next summer and even led to the suggestion of moving their draft picks for a free agent......

8:35 Jennings drills a 3 the Bucks have it down to 10....he's starting to get into a rhythm...but is it too little too late?

8:36 They just showed a commercial for the new Twilight commercial...grrrhhhh.....IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK TO GO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES WITHOUT TWILIGHT BEING REFERENCED.......even if you want to avoid it you can't.....

8:40 ESPN just showed a graphic showing free throws in the second half....20 for the Thunder...6 for the Bucks....haven't seen a discrepancy that large since the Los Angeles Donahys played the Kings in the 2002 Western Conference Finals

8:41 Let the past-player comparisons continue: Jennings name is used in the same sentence as Nick Van Exel and Tiny Archibald....within seconds of each other

8:43 Bucks struggling to get a defensive stop and struggling to get the deficit into single figures..

8:45 Durant grabs offensive board out of nowhere dunks it .....Thunder up by 17......

8:48 The Bucks look like they've given up while the Thunder are still playing like the game is on the line....i'm pretty sure this isn't sitting well with Scott Skiles

8:49 Harden drills a 3 and the Thunder get the lead over 20 for the first time and follow it up with a Westbrook dunk

8:53 Now if only Andrew Bogut could go more than a game without getting injured....maybe the Bucks could have made this a game

8:55 ESPN cuts to a sign from one of fans....Bucks get struck on ESPN.......Sad But True

8:58 Ahh....Garbage this point just running out the string until the clock runs out

Well...this game came to an end (finally) with the Thunder coming away with an 108-90 win. This drops the Bucks to 8-6. Even though its been a rough week for the Bucks....I still feel good about them long term. Sure, Jennings has struggled the last few days but he's still young....hes showing plenty of promise in his first 14 games. Still gotta keep things in perspective and realize that even with the losing streak....the Bucks are still much better off than they have been for the last couple decades.

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